Valentine’s Day: Feeding Single Woman Insecurities Since the 4th Grade

Aaahh Valentine’s Day. Yet another day designed to pressure men and women to empty their wallets (and sometimes their good common sense) in order to impress others. Stores start stocking their shelves with Valentine’s Day goodies as soon as the New Year arrives.The subliminal message is: prove your love with a box of chocolates.An unfortunate by-product of this holiday is that it brings out the latent insecurity of hordes of single women. They wait and wait for someone, anyone, even an old asshole of an ex-boyfriend to call them up or text and say:...more
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Depressed Over a GUY???

Were you dumped recently? Are you going through boyfriend/husband drama? Are you in a bad place where you’re feeling unwanted, alone and depressed?Well you’re definitely not alone. I’d take a wild guess that millions of ladies across the globe are going through the same exact thing as you are. Right at this moment. They might not ever admit it out loud, but they are....more
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Women Are Lazy Daters

I happened upon an article at where a guy broke down the reasons why he stops calling women.While reading, I thought about how we women may have the same exact feelings as this guy about who we’re dating... we got what we wanted... no return on investment... lost interest... but we choose to stick around for some reason....more
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Being Single: A Blessing In Disguise?

In my teens I dated sporadically. In my early twenties I dated aggressively. In my mid- to late-twenties, things started to, uhhh… change. I found myself wanting to date like I did in my early twenties, but it became sporadic at best. I was so used to being with a guy, especially after leaving a four-year relationship, that I found myself becoming a bit desperate for male attention. Needy even....more