So here I am, (temporarily) down to one leg. WOMP WOMP. Everything went really well with my surgery last Wednesday ....more

Jen builds a cubicle.

For the last few years, I’ve had a lovely desk I purchased at Pottery Barn when I repainted the upstairs office. Do you know how many times I’ve sat there and worked? Maybe once ....more

limping into summer. literally.

Hey! Hi! Hiiiiiii! ...more

things I’m digging

It’s been over a year since I did a post like this, which is just SHAMEFUL, really. Here’s some stuff I’ve been loving lately! (and at the end, there are a few things I need recommendations/reviews for!) (just a heads up- there are a few affiliate links in here because I buy a TON OF STUFF from Amazon and why not, right?) Denizen Essential Stretch Bootcut jeans (from Target) These jeans are perfection ....more

hello, 2016.

Hey! Hi! Remember me? ...more

scary hospital tests, my baby, and no more bread

I’m not sure where to begin this story, or even how much of the details to share. It’s MY story, but it’s also not ONLY mine, and as my kids grow older, using this space as an outlet for things that aren’t solely mine to tell starts to get tricky. But let’s start and see how things go! ...more

my candle is burnt at both ends. toast.

So I’ve been feeling kiiiiiinda overwhelmed with life lately. Nothing huge or terrible, just a lot of little things- some mundane like the neverending piles of dishes and laundry, some more specific, like how it feels like I am never home for more than 5 minutes at a time because someone always needs to be driven somewhere, or I need to grocery shop, or it’s school pickup time. Work has been very busy for the last five or six months, which is awesome! ...more

our entryway makeover: functional AND pretty!

My mission lately has been to manage the clutter in the house. I probably shouldn’t say “declutter”, because that implies that it’s being removed and THAT’S not ever happening. It’s only being contained temporarily ....more

Audrey is FIVE!

There are a million things I want/need to write about here, if only I had 12 extra hours in each day, and perhaps a wife or a secretary or something. I constantly feel like I’m at least three days behind on everything lately. But! ...more


Hey! We went to the beach! And it was awesome! ...more