the kindergarten question

Audrey has a tough birthday, school-wise. She was born September 14, and our local school district cutoff for starting kindergarten is age 5 by September 1. By the time she was a toddler, we were pretty set on waiting to send her until she was almost six, instead of sending her when she was almost 5 ....more

project MANIA

Last January, I set out to make 2014 the YEAR OF THE PROJECT. Okay, maybe I didn’t make quite that dramatic of a proclamation, but I was ready and excited to get back to doing some much-needed things around our house and yard. A few solid years of having a toddler in the house and/or being pregnant or nursing an infant or having a broken foot slowed things to a crawl and I had a LIST! ...more

weekend escape

I went to Chicago last weekend and I didn’t do a single tourist-y thing, I didn’t go to Navy Pier, I didn’t go and see The Bean. But I did spend some fantastic quality time with a few of my favorite ladies and that was MORE than okay. We ate, we laughed, we stayed at a beautiful hotel and hung out in our jammies ....more

things I’m digging

I’ve been attempting to pay more attention to myself lately, take better care of myself, wear nice things, pretend that I actually MATTER even though I spend a lot of my time making small people the center of everything. Not that my children aren’t my favorite people ever, but you know what? It’s very easy to lose yourself in the years when you’re raising kids, especially babies ....more

7 quick takes: the What The Heck Happened to September edition?

1. September went by in a blur of barf in our house. BECAUSE WHAT ELSE, RIGHT??? ...more

beauty box giveaway: one lady’s trash is another lady’s treasure

I’ve been doing The Subtraction Project these past few weeks and I am LOVING it. A few of the prompts haven’t applied to me or they were projects I did in the last 6 months or so (and boy does THAT make me feel on top of things!) But most of them have been great ways to get me to take 10 or 20 minutes to focus on an area of the house that needs some organization attention: the kitchen drawers! my desk papers! ...more

yesterday, today, tomorrow

Yesterday I… celebrated my baby girl turning 4. (video embedded in case you don’t see it in your feed reader!) did a crapton of fall yardwork: pruning and digging and pruning and weeding and more pruning. Walking and lifting my arms does not come easy today ....more

now accepting applications for sister wife

I started watching Big Love on Amazon Prime a couple of weeks ago, and while the awkward weirdness of a polygamous marriage makes me want to cringe, don’t think for a second that I haven’t entertained the thought of how AMAZING it would be to have another mom or two around the house. Help with the kids! Share household chores! ...more

excitement, not sadness

I find myself unable to relate to the sentiments of some parents when school is starting up again. I LOVED school when I was a kid (even as a high schooler. Mostly because SCHOOL SUPPLIES.) and I am thrilled to see the same look of excitement on Maggie’s face when the first day of school comes back around ....more

someone remind them that they are BABIES, PLEASE.

This is happening now. And yesterday, I took the girls to the dentist and they take pictures after the exams, and there’s a whole ceremony of finding last year’s picture and replacing it with this year’s. When we found theirs, I nearly fell over ....more