project update: THE POWDER ROOM

When we moved into our house nearly six years ago, there was one project I could NOT wait to get my hands on: our downstairs bathroom. It was boring and lame and I knew if I just spent a little time in there, I could make it pretty. But you know, life happens and I ended up having two more babies instead of working on house projects but that has all changed and NOW I AM ON A RAMPAGE LOOK OUT ALL THE PROJECTS ARE HAPPENING ....more

favortweets, round #28

It’s May. Three-and-a-half weeks of school left. Several back-to-back weeks of solo parenting ....more

I found my people and they are fabulous.

A few weeks ago, I boarded a plane and flew almost 3,000 miles to Seattle in order to spend the weekend with a bunch of ladies I met on the internet. It sounds weird, I know. I usually avoid explaining the whole thing if I can get away with it- like to the friendly/chatty lady and her husband who were sitting next to me on the first leg of my trip who kept asking lots of questions about where I was headed, what were my plans when I got to Seattle, how did we all know each other? ...more

Zach is two and he finally gets a video

Zach had his birthday over the weekend! With that plus Easter plus our weekend trip away for his birthday (which was SO much fun), things have been craaaaaazy and I just last night finished his birthday video. Because OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t going to skip it ....more

7 quick takes: March was crazypants

1. Dan spent most of March in Ohio. He was gone 3 days, then home for 4 (over a weekend), then gone again two weeks in a row, Monday through Friday ....more

the state of my post-three-babies, mid-thirties body

I feel a little like I’ve just finished a marathon. I’ve never actually RUN a marathon, and I doubt I ever will, but if I had to guess, the feelings I’m having lately about finally being done with making babies are similar. I loved lots of parts of the whole process: they smell delicious, they are chubby and cute, and sometimes I miss that huge pregnant belly ....more

favortweets, round #27

Four year old: I have a surprise for you! Me: What is it? Her: *spins around* ITS MY BUTT — Michele (@EmVeeGreen) February 1, 2015 Luke: "What's that lumpy part of your shirt?" (He meant the cowl neck.) (I thought he meant my muffin top.) — Aleks W ....more

recipe: white chocolate pretzel squares

DISCLAIMER: I took these pictures and made these things, um, before Zach was born. Before I was even PREGNANT with him. And yes, he’ll be two in less than a month ....more

7 quick takes: snow, science, snow.

1. Here we are. Snow Day 1 Million (or number 8 ....more

Zachary snippets

Time for my favorite little buddy to get his turn:...more