Hey! We went to the beach! And it was awesome! ...more

favortweets, round #29

Dog days of summer, y’all. Time for some funny Tweets. “Why use 5 words when you can use 50?” – everyone I work with, apparently ....more

yellow car

The girls have been playing a game lately when we’re in the car- which, because our summer schedule is NUTSO, seems to be a LOT OF THE TIME. I call it “Yellow Car”, but Maggie says it’s called “Spotting”. Whatever ....more

Zachary snippets

This boy. He is growing up so much lately. Just last week, I looked at him and thought YOUR FACE IS DIFFERENT THAN YESTERDAY ....more

simple, delicious chicken salad recipe

I love chicken salad. It’s such an easy, quick lunch! My preferred method of shoveling it into my face is pretzel crisps, but I also like it on crackers, bread, or even a spoon ....more

our little gymnasts

Maggie started taking gymnastics when she was four. We signed her up mostly because she was SUCH a cautious kid, somewhat stubborn, and we wanted to push her a little bit, maybe help make her less afraid and more willing to try new things. We had made other suggestions- soccer, dance, tee-ball- but they were all met with protests of “But I don’t know how to do that!” Even when we tried to explain that taking the classes would TEACH her how to do those things, she wouldn’t agree ....more

smiles, roller coasters, face paint, ice cream, and Idlewild Park

There are only certain things that can bring about smiles like this. For my kids, this weekend, it was spending the day at Idlewild Park...more

7 quick takes: kicking off summer!

1. Friday was Maggie’s last day of school! So now we have nearly three whole months of no homework, no bus stop, no HOMEWORK ....more

project update: THE POWDER ROOM

When we moved into our house nearly six years ago, there was one project I could NOT wait to get my hands on: our downstairs bathroom. It was boring and lame and I knew if I just spent a little time in there, I could make it pretty. But you know, life happens and I ended up having two more babies instead of working on house projects but that has all changed and NOW I AM ON A RAMPAGE LOOK OUT ALL THE PROJECTS ARE HAPPENING ....more

favortweets, round #28

It’s May. Three-and-a-half weeks of school left. Several back-to-back weeks of solo parenting ....more