the state of my post-three-babies, mid-thirties body

I feel a little like I’ve just finished a marathon. I’ve never actually RUN a marathon, and I doubt I ever will, but if I had to guess, the feelings I’m having lately about finally being done with making babies are similar. I loved lots of parts of the whole process: they smell delicious, they are chubby and cute, and sometimes I miss that huge pregnant belly ....more

favortweets, round #27

Four year old: I have a surprise for you! Me: What is it? Her: *spins around* ITS MY BUTT — Michele (@EmVeeGreen) February 1, 2015 Luke: "What's that lumpy part of your shirt?" (He meant the cowl neck.) (I thought he meant my muffin top.) — Aleks W ....more

recipe: white chocolate pretzel squares

DISCLAIMER: I took these pictures and made these things, um, before Zach was born. Before I was even PREGNANT with him. And yes, he’ll be two in less than a month ....more

7 quick takes: snow, science, snow.

1. Here we are. Snow Day 1 Million (or number 8 ....more

Zachary snippets

Time for my favorite little buddy to get his turn:...more

on birthdays & knowing your limits

(This is entirely too much writing and reading about birthday parties but HEY IT’S WHAT WE DO IN OUR HOUSE!) Maggie’s first birthday party was super laid-back. We had some balloons, we took cute pictures of her smashing the cake all over herself, and...more

Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wrap (copycat recipe!)

Raise your hand if you love eating at Red Robin! *raises hand* We don’t go often but when we do, I almost always get the Whiskey River chicken wrap. It’s a much lighter meal than one of their (delicious) burgers, which means more room for BOTTOMLESS FRIES and less guilt ....more

7 quick takes: barf, Garth, & other things that don’t rhyme with those

1. We spent last week battling a stomach bug in our house. It had been a while so I guess I can’t complain TOO much, but it really does feel like my kids get every single barfy sickness that floats past them ....more

new & shiny. blogging about blogging.

FINALLY! I have a new blog design! (if you’re viewing this in a reader, click through to see!) Things were… well, they were a mess, you guys ....more

favortweets, round #26

I just checked my archives and I haven’t done a Favortweets post since 2012. THAT IS A TRAVESTY. I follow so many hilarious and witty people on Twitter and I love reading through tweets I’ve starred ....more