our little gymnasts

Maggie started taking gymnastics when she was four. We signed her up mostly because she was SUCH a cautious kid, somewhat stubborn, and we wanted to push her a little bit, maybe help make her less afraid and more willing to try new things. We had made other suggestions- soccer, dance, tee-ball- but they were all met with protests of “But I don’t know how to do that!” Even when we tried to explain that taking the classes would TEACH her how to do those things, she wouldn’t agree ....more

smiles, roller coasters, face paint, ice cream, and Idlewild Park

There are only certain things that can bring about smiles like this. For my kids, this weekend, it was spending the day at Idlewild Park...more

7 quick takes: kicking off summer!

1. Friday was Maggie’s last day of school! So now we have nearly three whole months of no homework, no bus stop, no HOMEWORK ....more

project update: THE POWDER ROOM

When we moved into our house nearly six years ago, there was one project I could NOT wait to get my hands on: our downstairs bathroom. It was boring and lame and I knew if I just spent a little time in there, I could make it pretty. But you know, life happens and I ended up having two more babies instead of working on house projects but that has all changed and NOW I AM ON A RAMPAGE LOOK OUT ALL THE PROJECTS ARE HAPPENING ....more

favortweets, round #28

It’s May. Three-and-a-half weeks of school left. Several back-to-back weeks of solo parenting ....more

I found my people and they are fabulous.

A few weeks ago, I boarded a plane and flew almost 3,000 miles to Seattle in order to spend the weekend with a bunch of ladies I met on the internet. It sounds weird, I know. I usually avoid explaining the whole thing if I can get away with it- like to the friendly/chatty lady and her husband who were sitting next to me on the first leg of my trip who kept asking lots of questions about where I was headed, what were my plans when I got to Seattle, how did we all know each other? ...more

Zach is two and he finally gets a video

Zach had his birthday over the weekend! With that plus Easter plus our weekend trip away for his birthday (which was SO much fun), things have been craaaaaazy and I just last night finished his birthday video. Because OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t going to skip it ....more

7 quick takes: March was crazypants

1. Dan spent most of March in Ohio. He was gone 3 days, then home for 4 (over a weekend), then gone again two weeks in a row, Monday through Friday ....more

the state of my post-three-babies, mid-thirties body

I feel a little like I’ve just finished a marathon. I’ve never actually RUN a marathon, and I doubt I ever will, but if I had to guess, the feelings I’m having lately about finally being done with making babies are similar. I loved lots of parts of the whole process: they smell delicious, they are chubby and cute, and sometimes I miss that huge pregnant belly ....more

favortweets, round #27

Four year old: I have a surprise for you! Me: What is it? Her: *spins around* ITS MY BUTT — Michele (@EmVeeGreen) February 1, 2015 Luke: "What's that lumpy part of your shirt?" (He meant the cowl neck.) (I thought he meant my muffin top.) — Aleks W ....more