I Can Share Recipes Too!

After writing my last (and first) blogpost, I realized that I should try sharing with you the recipes that tried-and-true.  Those that always work...the stand-by's.  Testing recipes and sharing my results is great, but you might also want to read about those that I've been using for years with great success.  The next recipe is one of those.Chocolate Chip CookiesBoring and predictable?  Yes!  Delicious?  Oh yes!...more

My First Test Recipe

I typically bake cookies on Sunday.  I like my kids to be able to take homemade cookies (or brownies, or bars, or something sweet) in their school lunchbox.  I'm an avid baker, and even owned a small cafe at one time, so my kids have been eating my baked goods (good or bad) since they were mere babes.  And, although I have an entire cupboard in my kitchen dedicated to cookbooks, I usually reach out to the posts on my favorite blogger's site for fresh, new ideas.  I often find that these recipes are tested by real people, using real equipment....more