Are you Ready For Some Football

With everyone's respective fantasy football draft about to take place we have kicked into high gear at both our blogs to keep updated rankings, and draft prep for our readers! We now hbe links for printable list of all our rankings for readers to take with them to there respective drafts. is the link to one of our blogs from there click the page link to 'Printble Fantasy Rankings'....more

Free Agency and fantasy football

Obviously! The past week and a half of free agency has been one of the most incredible ever! The eagles and patriots I personally believe so far are the NFC and AFC winners of free agent signings. Both have made monster moves, while I have to question why The Packers haven't attempted to make any moves....more

NFL Power Rankings

We have began our preseason NFL rankings, from team power rankings, to positional rankings we got it all. We have the top Head coach rankings, and the top assistants in the league ranked. So visit our blog and let us know if you agree or what you think we got wrong. While your there check out our new message board, like our Facebook fan page right from our blog. So visit You can also follow us on twitter @jbcodora Or email questions too or

Fantasy football focus

We started a second blog focused on just fantasy football. We had received emails from readers that our fantasy football draft prep, rankings, and news, wasnt easy to find with our other sports news columns. So if you a fantasy football owner and want help getting over that hump to the top of your league follow us. We have the experience, knowledge, and connections to get you through your season. So visit the new blog @ ...more

Fantasy football factor

With The lockout coming to an end, everything will begin to more quick. From free agents possibly changing the landscape, to training camps and preseason games. That mean it is time to begin to prepare for you fantasy football leagues. We have inDepth fantasy coverage that our readers can depend on! We want to make it as easy as possibly for readers to obtain all information they need. We attempted to make a published page from this blog in hopes we could put multiple post on it, but it is not possible. So that is the reason for this post, we went some reader feedback....more

Exciting times in the world. Sports

What an exciting time in the world of sports! From the federal governments failing steroid probes, to the NFL lockout about to be over. The real possibility that pay for play is something that will happen in college sports. Baseball is in the most competitive run, and fantasy football is almost upon us. Once the NFL lockout is ended even more excitement will begin, there could be as many has 500 free agents hitting the market at once, and 5 months of free agency pact into a short few weeks....more

Derek Jeter and 3000 hits With Derek Jeter 4 hits away from the 3000 hit club, he will be the first yankee and the 28th big leaguer ever. Jeter has world series tittles, all time short stop hit leader, he was the 2000 all star game MVP and world series MVP, first player to ever win both in same year. He has numerous silver slugger awards, numerous gold gloves. But we question is place in history, as a Yankee I believe he maybe top 12, but at best a top 50 of all time....more

Let it begin

Starting this week we are starting our weekly reader giveaway! Through our friends and contacts in the world of sports and media we have the ability for fans to receive some awesome things. From signed memorabilia, tickets, gift cards, jersey, and more things are coming in every week!! This week is our first giveaway is a $100 StubHub gift card, so the winner can buy tickets to his or her's favorite sporting event or concert....more

Exciting announcement

We Are excited to announce that @ we are going to start our weekly give aways! Prizes will be things from sports memorabilia, signed things, jerseys, stub hub gift cards, and a few other things in the works. In order to be eligible you must be either a fan on our all new Facebook page, follow us on twitter or subscribe to our blog. Our blog address is or name on twitter is jbcodora And on Facebook if you search the name whatshissalary you will find our fan page!...more

Exciting new feature's and artible's

We have just added a new chat forum on our blog in which we are super excited about! We hope some of you will check it out and add to one of our forums, and or add or start your own. We have some new articles on our blog as well as one about Metta World Peace or the athlete formally known has Ron Artest. What a name change! It isn't one that rolls off your tongue is it? Most aren't I guess Ochocinco kind of does but Chad Johnson was much more clever about his getting fans involved on twitter....more