21st Century Renaissance

Urban gardens take shape on derelict patches of city land. In Detroit, artists take over old factories and warehouses creating art from what lies around them. Vacant buildings are re-born as community centers ...more

Staycation - Do we have to go there?

We have made the decision to take a week off in August but not go away. A list of day trips to take, new restaurants to try, movies to see, gives our staycation the facade of a good idea. But I am wondering how will this really play out? It seems inevitable that already some home improvement projects are writing themselves onto the list...continue reading at Fabulously Over 40... ...more

What Else Did I Miss?

In an O magazine article Looking for Stillness author (Riding In Cars With Boys), Beverly Donofrio goes monastery-hopping (her words) and she discovers ‘peace, clarity, connection, grace and a kind of hush’.  At the end of the article she returns to the Nada Hermitage in Colorado “Where you can hear your own bare feet on the floor”. ...more

Familiarity Breeds Comfort

….. the effortless ritual of making tea….. old, comfy slippers on a cold winters’ morning….. that bowl of pasta or home made soup when your soul is world weary We all need those things that are comforting to us; they provide consistency and calmness in what can often be an overly stimulating existence...continue reading this post here... Fabulously Over 40 ...more

Maybe it is still our mother’s menopause

In between the self-effacing attempts at humour and the ambiguous medical reports is a woman in menopause. I have used humour myself but the truth is, it is not all that funny.  No woman enjoys the  extreme mood swings, muddied thinking, hot flashes, and assorted other symptoms that ebb and flow over a span of years. Not to mention the affect that fluctuating hormones is having on our intimate relationships. ...more

My two lessions in humility this week & its only Wednesday

The majority of my coaching is done by phone which means that I don’t have to tidy my office or change out of my comfy shoes. So with a client coming over Monday at 9am I had to quickly go through my mental checklist to make sure that I was ready. Coffee pot on, files & books straightened into neat piles, quick dust, clean hand towel & fresh soap in the office bathroom, resources that she had sent me put into her file along with my notes, change shoes ……check. ...more

We can write a lot about brevity

I love words whether written, spoken or sung they have power. They can expand us with knowledge or debilitate us with emotion. The art of communication isn’t in the number of words used, as less wordage & fewer sentences often enables us to process the genuineness of character or content without clutter. Well informed people know that it is best to keep their answers brief and to the point. When you give a confident woman a compliment she merely smiles and says ‘thank-you’. ...more