Nothing honest to say? Don't say anything at all.

False hope. What's the point? I cannot tell you how many times people have given me this over the years. It's the numerous letdowns I've experienced which have brought me to realize one of my "fatal flaws" - gullibility (though I like to tell myself I'm just a "trusting" person). ...more

Back-Burner > Long-Distance Relationship

I finally hit a wall at the end of Young MacD's holiday visit last week. I was finally willing to openly admit how much I liked him, and how much harder the logisitics of our "thing" was becoming. I was no longer willing to play it cool with him, since I no longer wanted this to be a casual "thing." He agreed. Quickly. This led to him suggesting we put things on the back-burner for the time-being. I cried. He was right to suggest this, but part of me wished I could take back the whole conversation....more

The Sunday Blues

I was once told by Dick's best friend that I was a "Sunday kind of girl." Dick agreed. I knew that was a compliment coming from those two. Sundays are truly the best day of the week for a 25 year-old man (boy). To Dick, Sundays are meant for staying in bed until 3pm, watching football, and eating nasty food. What more could a caveman (boy) want?...more

Nueva York, Nueva Outlook

As I edge closer and closer to my late 20's (27 is still "mid", right?), my heart edges farther and farther away from Boston. I've put in five years here, lived in four apartments, cried endlessly throughout two failed relationships, and held down two steady jobs. I'd say I'm an overall very happy person, but not satisfied when analyzing these post-college statistics....more

Why the Fever?

The kid can dance. The kid does some great charity work. The kid managed to rope in one of Hollywood's hot young starlets (though I haven't the slightest clue as to what she's ever starred in). I will give this kid credit for all that but nothing more. In an attempt to catch Bieber fever Tuesday night, and to make myself feel insecure in hopes of cutting back on my outrageous carb intake, I watched the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Neither worked....more

The Boudoir Bandwagon

Just last week I was chatting with one of my dear old roommates (I'll refer to her as Miss $) about our upcoming weekend plans.  I had yet to see her new apartment despite having gone our separate ways over three months ago.  Fortunately the stars aligned this past weekend, and I was free to attend a very intimate event she was hosting that Saturday at her place - a boudoir photo-shoot.  No, I wasn’t going to be in the photos.  Miss $ wanted me there for moral support... and to have a champagne drinking buddy....more

The Extra Wheel

Urban Dictionary Definition #1 of Third Wheel: One who deters the socialization of a couple, perhaps when being invited out of pity or through a feeling of duty. And Numero 6: That one person that does not belong. Just last week I learned I didn't belong when it came to a birthday celebration dinner for one of my closest friends....more

What Back-Up Plan?

When I was asked 10 years ago “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my typical response was “A sports reporter, duh!” I was a Senior in High School and idolized Bonnie Bernstein, a court and field-side reporter for CBS.  BB led me to the belief that I too could combine my love of sports and writing and accomplish what she has.  She was a beautiful, energetic young woman, and the players seemed to respect her which was rare for a woman in sports. Bottomline, the players weren’t looking at her during interviews as if they were picturing her naked. ...more
Not really! I find backup plans lead to hedging your bets, energies, and commitment and thus you ...more

Too Proud to Beg for the Spots to Change

I was forced to end my last two serious relationships. One was due to near-physical force, the most recent was purely emotional. Both equally gut-wrenching towards the end.  Okay, that’s all the whining you’ll get from me from now on, I promise. Ex #1 tried to win me back and failed miserably. But let’s face it, how could I forgive my World War 3 opponent? The most recent bum who I fell hard for shortly after Ex #1 (we’ll call him Dick, and the pun is definitely intended) didn’t make a single gesture when I ended things....more