Woodstock Film Festival: ‘It Had to Be You’ is Comedic Gem

My favorite genre of movies is romantic comedies, or chick flicks, if you will. If I absolutely fall in love with the movie and want to see it again, then I typically purchase it for my ‘chick flick’ library. This currently consists of such movies as “Fever Pitch,” “Serendipity,” “13 Going on 30,” “Just Like Heaven,” “Never Been Kissed” and “Pretty Woman,” among others ....more

NY Film Festival PHOTOS: Alicia Vikander Supports Ex Michael Fassbender at “Steve Jobs” Premiere

Alicia Vikander at the “Steve Jobs” premiere, New York Film Festival | Paula Schwartz Photo “Ex Machina” beauty Alicia Vikander and the 38-year-old “Steve Jobs” star Michael Fassbender reportedly called it quits after dating for almost a year. But the 26-year-old Swedish actress, who is getting raves for Tom Hooper’s “The Danish Girl” co-starring Eddie Redmayne, turned up on the red carpet Saturday night for the premiere of “Steve Jobs” at the New York Film Festival at Alice Tully Hall. Alicia Vikander at the “Steve Jobs” premiere, New York Film Festival | Paula Schwartz Photo Trying to keep a low profile, a male friend of the actress blocked Vikander from view with his back on the carpet, but at one point the Swedish actress flashed a smile and posed for photographers ....more

New Movies This Week: Steve Jobs, Masterminds, Pan – Preview & Trailers

New movies opening in theaters this week include Michael Fassbender in “Steve Jobs,” Zach Galifianakis in “Masterminds,” and Hugh Jackman in “Pan.” Limited release movies include “Trash,” “The Final Girls,” Knock Knock” and “Big Stone Gap.” Let’s take a closer look at the wide releases. STEVE JOBS R for language | In Theaters 10/9 | Ok for Kids 16+ | Universal | Reel Preview: 4 of 5 Reels |...more

NY Film Fest Review: ‘Everything is Copy’ Doc Pays Tribute to Nora Ephron

Jacob Bernstein, who is the son of Nora Ephron and her ex-husband, famed Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein, decided to make a documentary about his late mother, Nora Ephron, who died at 71 in 2012. The result is “Everything is Copy,” a moving portrait that includes a number of interviews with Ephron’s friends and family, as well as scenes from her films and clips from interviews with the likes of Dick Cavett and David Letterman. It is co-directed with Nick Hooker ....more

NY Film Fest: Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen, Aaron Sorkin, Danny Boyle, Jeff Daniels Talk ‘Steve Jobs’

Kate Winslet makes Michael Fassbender laugh at the “Steve Jobs” press conference at the New York Film Festival 2015 | Melanie Votaw Photo Press gathered at the New York Film Festival the afternoon of Oct. 3, 2015 for a screening of “Steve Jobs,” the new film about the man behind Apple, starring Michael Fassbender as Jobs, Kate Winslet as Jobs’ right-hand Joanna Hoffman, Seth Rogen as Steve Wozniak, Jeff Daniels as former Apple CEO John Sculley, and Michael Stuhlbarg as key Apple player Andy Hertzfeld. Aaron Sorkin wrote the screenplay based on Walter Isaacson’s book, and Danny Boyle directed ....more

Who Will Play the Next James Bond?

When I was a kid, the argument was always: Which James Bond do you like better: Sean Connery or Roger Moore? It was the 1970s, and at that point, no one even considered George Lazenby (“On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”) or David Niven (“Casino Royale”) as contenders for the award. It’s like they didn’t even exist ....more

Woodstock Film Festival: Rosemary Rodriguez Talks ‘Silver Skies,’ ‘Jessica Jones’

This weekend, Hollywood comes to Woodstock, New York for the 16th Annual Woodstock Film Festival. If...more

Dear GH: We Need to Talk – Your Number’s Off on the Five Families

You know what, GH? I was feeling a little antsy in the first half of this week. While lots of things have happened lately on the show, it all seemed to me to be OLD ....more

Nov. 2015 Movie Preview: Kids & Teens – Spectre, Mockingjay, Peanuts & More!

New movies for kids and teens this month include a new James Bond film, the Peanuts gang, a story about a Good Dinosaur and lots more. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s new in theaters and on DVD and Blu-ray in November. Note that release dates are subject to change ....more

Keira Knightley’s Broadway Debut Interrupted By Crazed Suitor

Keira Knightley took to the stage tonight for the first preview of her Broadway debut at the theater at Studio 54. The production was Roundabout Theatre Company’s “Therese Raquin,” a play based on an Emile Zola novel. Immediately after the show began, a young man in the balcony leaned over the front railing and screamed, “I love you! ...more