Sweepstakes: Win a Digital HD Copy of ‘The Blair Witch Project’

Have you seen “The Blair Witch Project” yet? Oh, you’ve gotta see it. I think it’s scary, but then I’m a chicken ....more

Thoughts on ‘Revenge': Will David & Emily Have a Happy Reunion?

Hey, “Revenge” fans, we are almost a quarter into the season and so much has happened. Look who seems to taken over the number one role – David Clarke. It’s all about David – okay, and Emily and Victoria, but he is clearly front and center ....more

Help John Spinello, Inventor of Classic ‘Operation’ Game, Fund His Own Operation

Back in 1964, John Spinello was an industrial design student and created the prototype for what would eventually become the game Operation. He sold the idea for $500 to a toy company which later sold the rights to Milton Bradley. A year later, after a few modification, Operation was released and is still as popular now as it ever was ....more

The Comedy Corner: 4 Questions With Jon Cryer

As “Two and a Half Men” begins its 12th and final season, we bring you the funny, charming, and all-around-nice guy, Jon Cryer. 1. If you could work with anyone in the comedy field, living or dead, who would it be and why? And on what kind of project? ...more

‘Marvel Agents of SHIELD’ Mini-Recap & Teaser Gallery: The Writing on the Wall – 2×7

What did you think of this week’s episode of “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD“?! Are you #TeamChristian or #TeamGrant? Hard to tell who is telling the truth ....more

Hallmark Channel’s ‘Cedar Cove’ Renewed for Season 3

#COVErs rejoice! “Cedar Cove” has been renewed for Season 3! Hallmark’s first original scripted series, based on novels by romance author Debbie Macomber, was picked up for an additional season ....more

Castle Recap: Meme is Murder – 7×5

This episode of “Castle” (like all of the episodes so far this year) was very good. It addressed social media – the good, the bad and the bullying – huge subjects. Castle was planning on benefiting from the first to help promote his new book “Raging Heat” (did you know you can buy it on Amazon? ...more

October 2014: New on DVD & Blu-ray for Kids – Dragons, Muppets & Aliens

Let’s take a look at a few kids’ DVD and blu-ray releases for October 2014. Muppets, dragons, an adorable alien, and a beloved St. Bernard all made the list! ...more

Dancing With the Stars: Top 5 Dances from Halloween Night – 19×7

It’s a fun night on “Dancing with the Stars,” as they do Halloween up right. Judge Len Goodman and host Erin Andrews both return for a ghoulish, frightful night full of murder and mayhem, with crazy costumes, fun concepts that work, and entertaining dancing. There’s even some practical joking, as the troupe members wear freaky masks to scare the glitter out of the contestants ....more

Christmas Comes Early for Hallmark Viewers

I’m a sucker for all those romantic holiday movies. The festive season, the lights, the decorations – all wrapped together with two people falling in love under the mistletoe? :::sigh::: Yep, I’m a sucker for it all ....more