Decorating with Vintage Silver Plate

I love decorating with vintage.  Luckily, I live in an area where the thrift stores are plentiful.  I have also done well finding things at Estate Sales.  If the thrift stores in your area are not so great, try to hit some Estate Sales, Garage Sales and Flea Markets....more

Cottage Chic Decor

I love Cottage Chic. Do you know what Cottage Chic is? I looked it up in the dictionary and, guess what, 'word not found'. So, I guess Cottage Chic is defined in the mind of the beholder, right? ...more

Empty Nest – Am I the only one?

I wonder what the Mama bird feels like after her babies fly away and leave the nest. Is it a sense of accomplishment that she has fed them and nurtured them so that they are able to fly away? My girls “flew” a long time ago. They are both happily married, with young children of their own, and doing well. You’d think I’d have adjusted to the “Empty Nest” by now – right? NOT!...more