Home Art Exhibit - A Way to Foster Creativity

Joseph has put together and participated in several print exchanges with fellow artists over the years.  When we moved to Lewiston he organized all of his print exchange boxes and put them in a plastic storage bin, to keep them nice while they sit in our storage closet.  I thought it was such a shame; storing all of that wonderful art so it's never to be seen or talked about.  I believe part of fostering creativity in the home is displaying your work; not to show off, but to take pride in your achievement and to keep the creative juices flowing....more

Top Three (most viewed) Posts of 2012

This year has come and gone way to fast don't you think?  As I look through our year by perusing our blog posts, I become emotional and very thankful for my life and wonderful family.  I have a blessed life.  Here are our top three (most viewed) blogs of 2012; take a look in case you missed them the first time I posted them! #1 most viewed post of 2012 with 476 reads:  Strawberry Heath Salad Recipe!  ...more

Chamber of Reflection

 Last night I finally finished my latest oil painting.  It is a still-life entitled "Chamber of Reflection," and is in the traditional momento mori genre of vanitas still-life paintings....more

Small Goals. . .

  I am a goal oriented person big time!  This is a good characteristic I think, but it can be bad if you're never satisfied with the present and always looking to the future.  I find myself getting stuck in this way of thinking:  Always planning for the future....more

Being Prepared So Hard Times Aren't So Hard. . .

Growing up I watched my mom preserve food, frequent case lot sales, and buy essentials (toilet paper, flour, sugar, rice) in bulk.  Joseph and I have begun our journey for a self-sustaining lifestyle and part of that lifestyle is being prepared.  Having a well stocked pantry is very important for those times when unexpected bills come up such as; cars breaking down, medical emergencies, job lay offs, etc.  I've found it's important to know how to cook in hard times too.  Believe it or not it is cheaper to make your own bread rather than buy it....more

Our Good Life Lately

Check out "Our Good Life Lately" here:http://thejoeandjill.blogspot.com/2012/10/our-good-life-lately.html...more

Fall Captured!

Check out my latest post:  "Fall Captured" here:http://thejoeandjill.blogspot.com/2012/10/fall-captured-photos-not-altered.html...more

The Chance at Being a Mother....

A Chance at Being a Mother In the back of my mind I have always felt bad that I don't have the opportunity to be a mother.  After losing Millee my doctor told me I can't give birth; the risks are too high to have a baby.  This memory is always in the back of my mind haunting me....more

Day One: 30 Days of Gratitude

Joe's gratitude:   ...more

The End and Review of 30 Days of Downsizing....

This was a thirty-day challenge I was apprehensive about when we started.  Under normal circumstances it would not have been a big deal, and I would probably have been excited for the chance to de-clutter my life a bit, but this time was different:  We had only been in our new house about two months when we started, and when we moved we had given up multiple car-loads of stuff to the Deseret Industries (the local version of a Good Will).For the complete blog see link below:...more