My Brother Jon

I don't know what else to do, so I'm writing this.  My brother Jon is sick again.  He came into this world early, underweight.  At a few weeks old, he stopped breathing.  The doctors told my mom it could happen again, any time.  She didn't sleep much that year.  At 10, he started losing weight.  The doctors didn't know why.  At first they thought he had leukemia but discovered he had Type 1 diabetes.  In the fifth grade, Jon was instructed by the nurses how to give himself the daily shots of insulin he'd need every day for the rest of his life.  ...more

You've been the one keeping it all together.  What a week indeed (and only two more days to ...more

Quakers and Truth

I've been learning about Quakers.  Up until recently, my knowledge of them has been limited to the fact that I like their oatmeal and they seem like quiet, humble people.  The other night, looking for some light reading, I picked up the book "A Quaker Book of Wisdom," by Robert Lawrence Smith.  (He comes from a long line of Quakers - original, not offshoot).  It was a gift given long ago (can't remember by whom, probably my mother-in-law), so I picked it up on a whim. ...more

It's Catalog Season Again

Once again, the catalogs are coming fast and steady.  It must be the holidays.  Why do I get them when I almost never buy anything?  Who knows, but they come anyway.  The retailers are definitely not getting their money's worth from me this year seeing as how my budget is that I don't have one. I found myself inspired to write about some of the bizarre things I came across in the Harriet Carter catalog. I hope, I hope I get that microwave bacon caddy! ...more

Remembering My Grandmother

Last night I returned home from a road trip to Arizona with my mom and sisters, Jenny and Kathy.  We made the trip in a large pickup truck (Jenny drove), to my grandmother's memorial, with a side trip to pick up an antique secretary cabinet and various mementos of my grandma's. ...more

Thank you for your comment, Ginger.  You're right, it does seem to help to put one's memories ...more

Michelle Obama is a Class Act

Larry King's show was on in the background earlier tonight, and I perked up when I saw his interview with Michelle Obama.  I really like her.  She's been able to stay above the fray and continues to take the high road.  The past few days, her husband has been under attack, his opponents "taking the gloves off," and yet she had nothing negative to say about her husband's opponent, his wife, or his V.P. choice. Michelle Obama seems to really care about issues, her husband and family.  I'm so impressed with her and I think she'll make a wonderful first lady. ...more

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 

Spread the Joy!


Politics of Exclusion

I support Barack Obama.  One of the many reasons I support his candidacy:  I feel he speaks to me as well as every other American out there regardless of income or race.  Barack Obama speaks of hope and the ability we have as individuals to effect change.  He appeals to the better part of our natures.  At this tumultous point in our country's history, we must choose our path as a nation and determine just what kind of people we want to be.  Do we want to be people of hope or fear?  Love or prejudice? ...more

Paying the Piper

20 years ago when I got my CSR (Certified Shorthand Reporter) license, I had to make the decision whether to work in court (full-time job with benefits) or work in the field as a deposition reporter (independent contractor with no benefits).  Not wanting to be chained to a 9 to 5 courtroom job, I opted for freedom.  ...more

My Mind is Getting Blown Daily

Watching the Emmy's last night, I sensed a palpable fear, unspoken, felt by many of the award winners and some presenters.  There was this underlying sense that some of them wanted to take our country by the collar and scream, "Wake up.  This is serious."  ...more

I think I've also been suffering from media overload.  It's so hard to stay away from the news ...more

Who Are Today's Patriots?

Last night, my husband and I watched the first two parts of the HBO series "John Adams."  It seemed fitting in the midst of our election campaign to have a refresher on the founding of our country, the sacrifice and bloodshed.  Sometimes perspective is needed.  ...more

I, too, have early memories of Congressional hearings and Watergate.  When I look back on those ...more

Will Someone Please Say Something About Barack Obama?

Barack Obama isn't getting any press these days having been eclipsed by she who will not be named.  Let's just call her Mrs. Voldemort.  We all know how ill-equipped she is to be V.P. and how McCain's picking her was a political move.  (I wonder how he feels being completely overshadowed?) Maybe we should change tactics and ignore her completely.  Let's focus on Barack and the issues again and what a complete mess he's going to have to clean up. ...more