Liebster Award!

  Thanks to my friend at I've been awarded the Liebster Award! I'm passing it on to you! The Rules: ...more


Some people know their weaknesses and strengths and act accordingly. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. I constantly put myself in situations where I'm completely unsure of the outcome, in the hopes that I'll be able to accomplish something new & different or learn something about myself. I have these stupid, hopeful intentions (they should actually be called hopeless intentions) and somehow I convince myself that 'it will be different/better this time'. Actually, maybe it should be called insanity....more


Being a parent of two kiddos affords me the opportunity to catalog a ton of stories about poop.  Plus, we have a dog in the house so that makes all of the poop stories even more abundant & interesting.  There’s the time Biscuit (the dog) ate a poopy diaper & then threw it up all over the house, but all dogs do that, amIright?  Let me just start by saying that I'm a bit of a germaphobe (sp?). is my son. Hot mess princess, on the other hand, is not. She never got the memo about germs being deadly/lethal little creatures....more
Oh boy. That would make me vomit. I don't blame you for leaving it all. Icky   Thanks for ...more

A cavity in my leg

It's been a whirlwind year of medical-related issues for our fam. BabyBoy (um, not a baby at all) had groin hernia surgery, BabyGirl (um, again, not a baby at all) had an adenoidectomy, I almost died (not really) of a bout of strep throat that sent me to the ER and that sent $4200 to the local charitable fund for DoctorsTryingToImproveTheirGolfHandicap....more

Hot mess princess

Hot mess princess is the most glorious and wonderful baby girl ever born. Ever. Hot mess princess is a very fitting nickname for her. She's mostly a hot mess so I like to tack on the word 'princess' to remind myself that she is a delicate, sweet, precious girl made of sugar & spice & everything nice....more

First Love

My childhood memories have always centered around my years in Elementary School. Not sure why. I remember every inflection & every emotion my teachers expressed. And I remember every emotion that I felt as if it were yesterday. That's not a small thing, considering that since I've become a mom I oftentimes can't even remember if I put on a bra on any given day....more

Unnecessary Niceness

Yes, I realize I work in an office with other humans, I get that. And I get that my parents raised me to be nice to others, and that's how I raise my kids as well; to speak nicely to those who speak nicely to you, ask 'How are you' & answer the same question politely, etc. But I don't have to like it. In fact, I can hate it actually....more

We Got the Funk

Actually, I have the funk. In the form of the ugliest, gnarliest bout of laziness ever known to mankind. Truthfully, it's not so much a "bout" of funkiness as it is my normal lazy lifestyle. But it's getting me down lately. I just don't want to do anything aside from watching Food Network, cooking, eating & hoarding pics of things I'll never do/make/be/have to my Pinterest page. I have my comforts, my happy places....more

Case of the Mondays

I'm broadcasting my OCD with regard to the English language. Maybe I love it so much because communication is crucial to our survival as humankind. I mean, we no longer have to fling poo on cave walls & draw pictures to communicate (did ppl ever do that? Not sure. But it sounds funny.) As much as I love to communicate (well, that's not true; I actually love to complain, about everything, esp how much ppl annoy me) there are certain phrases that should be banned from use....more