Wednesday Whining -- Cathartic!

Wednesday Whining is a long-standing tradition at Phantom Scribbler's blog. I believe this week is something like the 56th consecutive week of Wednesday Whining. Today's post is open for comments. ...more

You know, I have been reading Phantom ...more

important info for attendees: how to get to starbucks!

I'm going out on a limb and posting this in the general forum, because I believe out of the hundreds of attendees at the conference more than a few will be jonesing for starbucks regardless of the refreshments provided at the Hyatt. :) ...more

haha, good work girl. this is truly useful information---i'd have been mapping it out too!!! ...more

Daily Stories for Women's History Month

For Women's History Month, Mac at pesky'apostrophe is writing daily posts on notable individuals, in her usual intelligent and informative way. So far we have: ...more