You Can Be Very Successful and Still Be Depressed

The day after news broke that actor Robin Williams died by suicide, a local TV news station interviewed me about my personal experience living with depression. (I like to say “living with depression” because you can still manage it and have a quality life.) Most of the responses to my interview have been positive and encouraging. I received an email from someone I knew from high school. She sang my praises of professional and personal success, especially since I was a black woman raised in East Oakland. She suggested that when I’m depressed to remember the women around the world less fortunate than I am who would give their right arm to have my life because of my achievements. ...more
This is such a meaningful post. Thank you much!more

Women and Sexual Empowerment Series: The cast of 'The V Monologues: A Black Women’s Perspective'

Our Women and Sexual Empowerment series continues with a look at a new play that’s arousing interests, “The V Monologues: A Black Woman’s Interpretation.” Tracie Collins is the show’s writer, director and producer. It is derived from Eve Ensler’s groundbreaking production “The Vagina Monologues.” Tracie has worked in theater most of her life and and produced a number of show. This is her first time in the director’s chair ....more

Cocoa Fly Women and Sexual Empowerment Series: Interracial Romance Writer Roslyn Hardy Holcomb

I’ve been fascinated with sexuality for a long time....more

I Ate My Way Through Atlanta and Blogalicious 5

One of my favorite things about the South is the FOOD. I had to abandon my California, seaweed-salad eating ways and get some fried chicken. The Hyatt Regency in Atlanta has the best food I’ve ever eaten at a hotel ....more

Run for Your Lives! We’re Under Attack By a Menstruating, Masturbating, Hairy Vagina on an American Apparel T-Shirt

Photo from Wow this shirt has created a huge uproar. I’m not surprised people are offended, but I like the concept. Would I wear a t-shirt of a woman masturbating while she’s on her period? ...more

My Article on Depression, Religion and Stigma on the Huffington Post

I just realized that I didn't post on here about my Huffington Post article "I'm Depressed Because I Don't Have a Good Relationship with God?" In this post I discuss my past challenges with depression and how mental illness is stigmatized in many faiths. For me, I encountered this in Christianity. Please read and share.Many people have reached out to me and thanked me for sharing my story ....more

My Last Day Without You Starring Nicole Beharie Premieres in Atlanta and I Got My Party On

In my last post I told you that a certain blogger kept me out all night in Atlanta. Well, Swirling co-author and Beyond Black & White author Christelyn Karazin knows how to have a good time. She was also in Atlanta for Blogalicious ....more

Cocoa Fly Works and Play Hard in Atlanta during Blogalicous 5.

The city of Atlanta has always been good to me. And no doubt, did I have a great time again in “The A.” This time it was for Blogalicious 5, a multicultural conference for women bloggers. This year we celebrated the conference’s much deserved 5 year anniversary ....more

Dear Blogalicious...

Photo by Vanessa of @DeSuMama Dear Blogalicious, Normally I adhere to the rule, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But I couldn’t resist telling people about the amazing time I had at Blogalicious 2012 in Las Vegas. Last year’s conference was my first. I was a bit nervous because I attended alone ....more

Cocoa Fly is Heading to the ATL to Speak at Blogalicous 2013 & How to Get a Discount Off Registration

I'm excited. I'm hyped. I'm ready to get crunk (do people still say that?)! ...more