Star Trek: A Seed of Hope

My pal Nick Rindo created this wondrous piece of seed art for the Minnesota State Fair this year. It didn't win a prize. I do not understand why ....more


Hurry guys. If you act now, you can save $0.39 on this lawn mower ....more

Lunch with Jen & Alex

I went out to lunch with my friend Alex, and this happened ....more

Video Throwback

Got all nostalgic last night and started recalling shows from my childhood. Anyone remember these?Square One! ...more

It's a wrap!

My tortilla looks familiar.. ....more

Spoiled Milk

Stupid me, I thought those guys (and gals) rescued humans from burning buildings, not just cats ....more

Leonardo Dicaprisun

Having a good day, so I celebrated by making Leonardo Dicaprisun ....more

The Joys of Winter


Lifeguard Only

Lake CalhounMinneapolis, MN ...more