The Future of the Valentine

What is the future of the Valentine?According to the National Retail Federation's 2011 Valentine's Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, by BIGresearch, the average person will spend $116.21 on traditional Valentine's Day merchandise this year, up 11% over last year's $103.00....more

Marketing to Moms: 75% of Moms Not Using Social Media in Travel Planning

 One of the most surprising discoveries in family travel planning for 2010 was 75 percent of Moms say they do not use social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube) when planning their family vacation.In our new 2010 Family Travel Survey, there was a majority of each generation group not using social media for planning the family getaway (Gen Y, 65 percent; Gen X, 73 percent; Baby Boomers, 86 percent)....more

Marketing to Moms: 10 Reasons Moms Will Like the Apple iPad

If Mom likes the iPhone, the possibilities for her new Apple iPad are endless.  So here’s the top 10 uses that I think I will love, I mean Mom will love about the iPad....more

Marketing to Moms Means Marketing to Grandmoms Too

Watch out marketers.  Don’t miss marketing to the Nana Generation, grandparents that are involved with their grandchildren and have the energy and the money to enjoy the next phase of parenting. What Moms Say About Grandparent Participation...more

Meryl Streep Wins With Boomer Moms


Facebook Part of New Holiday Tradition

It was Christmas Day.  The carols were streaming from our CDs.  We were cleaning up the wrapping papers from Santa’s visit and our computers were tucked tightly away in their snug cases while dreams of sugarplums danced in our heads, right?  Wrong.  The new holiday includes some new traditions.  Like checking in on Facebook on Christmas Day to see how our friends and famil...more

Big Mama's Cornbread

  You know, a family recipe is afunny thing – you might think it is just an index card, yellowed and stainedwith use and reuse.  But mostfamily members will tell you it’s so much more than that.  It’s a memory of love, togetherness,and tradition – conceived in the brain, but carefully stored in the heart.  ...more