You Make Me Sick!

Whenever I can, I greet the day with breakfast, a chai tea latte and the daily news. Though I've always loved spreading the newspapers out across the breakfast table, these days I find I spend more time checking online resources and following the trails of interconnected links....more

Politics and Facebook Don't Mix

Uncertainty about the economy and the future leaves most people feeling uneasy. Add in the complexities of managing family life and work, and it's easy to see why we so eagerly seek the diversions of relaxation and entertainment. The possibilities are plentiful, from long-anticipated vacations, watching a movie or sporting event to just stealing a few moments to check in on Facebook....more
This is sooooo  true.  Unfortunately politics and religion are the two items people get a little ...more

Social Media Rants: Free Speech or Harassment?

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of all Americans. We are proud of the right and quick to reference it anytime someone questions what we write or say. But does the right to say whatever we want give us the right to be heard? How do we balance free speech against the right to be free of slander, defamation and harassment? Is there a difference between what we say to a friend in person vs. what we post on social media sites?...more
The judge had the right intention but not the correct one, harassment and freedom of speech are ...more

Wash Your Wall Off With Soap

"Wash your wall off with soap" just doesn't have the same fear producing punch as the age old dreaded threat of "wash your mouth out with soap". Yet when the terms come into play, we're reminded that bad language is bad manners and unacceptable. Social media users would be best advised to remember the admonitions of Mom and Dad and watch their language both verbally and online....more

Wall of Spam

If my Facebook wall could talk, surely it would break into a round of Monty Python's iconic ode to Spam. "Spam! Spam! Spam! Spam! Lovely Spam! Lovely Spam!"  Only the spam being served in my newsfeed is pretty hard to swallow.  In the technical sense, spam is defined as any unsolicited commercial advertisement distributed online....more

Facebook is Not a Diary: Keep it Off the Wall

Facebook is neither a soft shoulder nor a diary. There is no promise of compassion or privacy. Yet some people insist on posting everything from the minutiae of their daily lives to their deepest most intimate thoughts. What you had for dinner might bore someone but isn't likely to make anybody uncomfortable....more

Designate a Thinker if You're a Drinker

Sometime in my past I was guilty of being at a party or two and having a little too much to drink. I know I probably said and did some crazy things, but my fellow revelers forgave me because they were being pretty crazy too. Though the expression hadn't been coined yet, everyone adhered to the tacit consent of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" rule. We seldom had to worry about how our behavior would look in the bright glare of daylight because, by then, nobody could remember most of it anyway....more

Loose Lips & Loose Fingertips

The expression "Loose Lips May Sink Ships," was coined by the  U.S. Navy during WWII to remind sailors of the importance of keeping information out of the hands of the enemy. Though this expression may still be used by the military, civilians would be well-advised to embrace the concept as it pertains to modern-day social media use....more