Women Get the Right to Vote (Finally!), But What About Pay?

And after 72 years of advocacy, women were granted the right to vote on August 26, 1920. Wow. Do the math on that one...only 78 years ago, women couldn't vote. My grandmother wasn't born with the right to vote...so crazy to think about for those of us who grew up with the expectation of that privilege. ...more

Fuchsia, Not Just a Lipstick Color Anymore!

During the time I lived in Oklahoma, the only fuchsia I had was in a tube of lipstick. I had heard about the plants in passing, but since it is not heat tolerant, I had no desire to grow it. In my current residence in Portland, lots of people are growing them, so I thought I would give it a try. I purchased 8 or so 4 inch pots and proceeded to replant in hanging baskets. I had blooms, but not the full, lush growth that the farmer's market hanging baskets have. I fed and watered them and decided to try and overwinter them. ...more