Can Halloween Be Redeemed

The question that always pops up this time of year is "do you do Halloween?" Yes, we do Halloween. My husband and I trick or treated as kids and allow our kids to enjoy it as well. We love it all- from shopping for costumes to fall festivals to trunk or treats. Of course, the best part for the kids is all the candy and treats, hands down....more

Mother's Day In Memphis

Actually, it was the Saturday before Mother's Day. We set out on a 3 hour road trip to Memphis Zoo. Maddi was supposed to go on the trip with her AWANA group but since things didn't quite work out that way (thats a whole 'nother blog post), we loaded up and took a family day trip. Maddi and Seth had three things at the top of their list-seeing the panda bears, feeding the giraffes and touching the stingrays. I think we could have skipped every other exhibit but these three and they would have been ok with it....more

Uganda Pen Pals

A few months ago, a friend had posted via Facebook about a pen pal project that was available through Fitness For Africa. After doing a bit of research, I sent in an application to have my children approved and matched. It was a very easy process and we were matched within a week. The reason for the application is to match your child with a child that has the same interests. Pictures of the children are also exchanged during the application process to make it more personal for the kids. Letters are exchanged once a month via email with the opportunity to Skype once a year....more