Big and Beautiful or Just Beautiful?

MomsenseNYC I felt like I just had to write a post about the recent Lane Bryant ad that has been pulled from ABC and FOX. The new ad features a plus sized model showing off Lane Bryant’s new line of sexy lingerie called Cacique, strutting her sexy stuff. This woman is beautiful. She is gorgeous. If I were a guy I would F-her. So, what’s ABC and Foxes problem with this ad?...more

Momsense Monday's presented on a Thursday

MomsenseNYC I am officially naming Monday’s “Momsense Monday’s” in honor of my two good friends who are about to become new mommies.  You will remember them from an earlier post, A Little Bit of Momsense .  Curly Girl is now six days past her due date and just hoping that the new baby makes an appearance soon.  Blond Mama is pregnant with twins and still has about a month and a h...more