Spanking my Boys Will Make Them Better Men

There's this video that has surfaced in the last couple of days of a school police officer trying to drag a student out of her chair, and dragging her across a classroom floor. The story goes on to say that prior to the video the child was disruptive and causing absolute anarchy.  The world is in an outrage! “Over the top! Complete over use of force! Off with the officer's head!" They shout.  ...more
JohnWilwerding Again when I wrote this I stated I wasn't really discussing what he did. I agree ...more

I've Got The MomBod ,and I'm Making it Okay

The Dad Bod …  I still can’t get over that this is a thing now.  Why is this a thing?  Who came up with it?  I bet it was a dude. Had to be.  I can see it now,  a group of guys sitting in a bar (or maybe a park with the kids) discussing their bodies like a bunch of teen girls over beer and fried food,  smoking cigars....more

Why I Hate Being Called a Mommy Blogger

When I first started writing a million years ago, it was merely just an outlet. I had all these thoughts running through my head all the time, and I needed to put them somewhere. I still enjoy writing even if it’s no longer hidden in a diary under my mattress… however, there's now a lot more work and editing involved....more

Stop The Husband Bashing

There has been this thing irking me for some time. And please, I am no saint...I even catch myself making a few of these mistakes at times, so don’t start griping that I don’t get it… Now gather around my little post right here; lean in (and men, you can join in too) and listen the heck up (you can even bookmark this for later reference, or even take notes). No one…. especially your children...want to listen to you talk down about your husband. Ever. Now let that sink in before we move on…. Ready? ...more

Give Your Kids Freedom to be Kids

Being that I am almost 40 years young, I can remember weird things like… No cell phones, no computers, video games at the arcade, and the banana seat bike. --Mine was blue with a sparkly seat, tassels on the handlebars that also rocked a super groovy basket I could bring all-the-things in.-- ...more

My Near Death Experience

Lately I have been in this stupid “I need to get control of this house and all things clutter” kind of mood. It’s been so bad, that I am beginning to think that someone has had me hypnotized just so I would do it; just because they wanted to be a dick... On the other hand, I know its probably not the case; because the husband would never spend money on something like that, and the kids wouldn't have me clean, they would have me clucking like a chicken every time I logged into Facebook.I keep a pretty clean house...well, okay... that might be a little exaggerated…...more

The Truths No One Tells You About Marriage

There is this dirty little secret about parenting and marriage no one ever tells you: This life is not always filled with fluffy kittens and balloons....more
Boy, do I hear you, Jeanne! I write about "what no one tells you about X" (mostly about, what no ...more

The husband and Pinterest.

You know all those pins everyone makes on Pinterest?  Does anyone actually really do any of it?  I have to admit I love Pinterest, and I often get lost for hours pinning my heart out swearing I am going to make that yummy looking Jack Daniels bacon cupcake, or refurbish some great find from the thrift store…but in reality, that will never happen.  Because A.I hate being in the kitchen, and B.  I never go to the thrift store....more

Spiders and the Tinfoil Man

Last night I was lying in bed during my “happy time” in the middle of the night reading.  It was extremely late so everyone had been fast asleep for hours.  The husband walks into the bedroom just getting home from work and falls into bed.  The only light in the room came from the light on my kindle.  As he lays down out of nowhere a spider dropped from the place spiders hide to scare the shit out of you when you least expect it; right onto my chest.  * Still shuddering *....more

Quit Telling me I'm Old Doc!

Today I had that annual eye appointment. It’s that time of year where someone in a white coat believes it is his/her job to remind me of how old I am getting.I won’t go into the details about how they also weighed me and took my blood pressure, which by the way was strange to me… in addition to making me shudder. (Think it may be time to once again stop eating popcorn at 2 am.)...more