Stove in the rough. Happy in the heart.

Sometimes when least expected, the best things happen....more

Let's play dress up!

Oh so lovely. My family had one of these...more

Bachman's Spring Ideas House - 2015 Good!

Bachman's Ideas House - Spring 2015. I am so glad I went and with you I will share my favorite things: A bicycle on the wall?...more

She's so Vain.

Actually, she's just a really pretty vanity. She deserves to brag a bit. She's chippy and new again ....more

Banner Up!

This pretty highboy...more

Hello Sunshine.

So much better. This...more

Merry Christmas from BKB!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone! From my family to yours. I created this card using Picasa and Picmonkey ....more

Thrifting through the holidays.

I can't help myself but to pop in a Goodwill throughout the holiday season. ...more

bkb & shalavee.

The nicest thing happened while on the riverboat trip.About an hour after I'd gotten the news that my friend Jenny had passed away,An email came from a fellow blogger....more

for darling jenny.

It seems inconceivable even as it write this. ...more