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This pretty highboy...more

Hello Sunshine.

So much better. This...more

Merry Christmas from BKB!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone! From my family to yours. I created this card using Picasa and Picmonkey ....more

Thrifting through the holidays.

I can't help myself but to pop in a Goodwill throughout the holiday season. ...more

bkb & shalavee.

The nicest thing happened while on the riverboat trip.About an hour after I'd gotten the news that my friend Jenny had passed away,An email came from a fellow blogger....more

for darling jenny.

It seems inconceivable even as it write this. ...more

Shameless Vacation Selfie.

Amazingly, I am on vacation. I called my mom a month ago and said I had some work PTO to burn. I was hopping maybe she'd come visit ....more

The Kid's Hutch is a Hoot!

Oh So Cute. I went out on a limb.... I took my time and removed all the knobs and hinges before painting ....more

Hello Happy.

He’d asked to meet on Thursday for lunch. “Hmmm.” I thought....more

The next project is child's play.

On the way to buy school clothes for my son, I spotted a thrift store I haven't been in before. ...more