Little Miss Elbow Grease

Seeing it's...more

Waterfall Weekend.

Since I can't get to an actual waterfall, there's the...more

No more babies in this buggy.

Remember the free curbside buggy? It may not be pushing baby dolls anymore,...more

Retro Happens.

I found this mid-century beauty last weekend in River Falls, WI. One of those, it's been in our parent's bedroom...more

Stumbled upon some summer lovin'

Anxious to explore and have some fun, ...more

Redneck Towing.

How to explain what I've been up to since the middle of may. Hmmmm.The truth is that it is far to difficult to explain and much to personal to divulge.However….Because of my unanticipated absence from the blogging world, I've been thinking about how to enter back into it relatively pain free. I'd like to re-involve myself into BKB, reclaim my laptop from my preteen and return to my creative self ....more

free, i love you.

A fun thing happened this morning....more

The Blaine 150.

Linda and I to hit the Blaine citywide sales last weekend. We walked and we walked....more

Scooting right along.

After a week straight of rain and sleet ...more