Personality tests are stressful…or is that just me?

The last few posts have been kinda heavy, so today I’m gonna talk about something less controversial. ...more

The Difference Between Political Correctness & Community

A post I wrote last week seemed to have touched a nerve. It was shared widely, and with the extended reach, far beyond my usual close knit circle of regular readers, it also brought with it some criticisms. ...more

Sunday Smiles

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Every week we share the stories behind the filtered pictures. Simple, sweet, everyday moments that make up our lives. Join us? ...more

Why it matters when we rub our bellies and say “so long as it’s healthy”.

I want to talk about something today. ...more

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Instagram is my favorite. And while I love the quick quips we post under each photo, I also love sharing the stories behind them. ...more

Required High School Reading. I’m Going Back.

High school was a crazy time. A mix of irreverent rebellion, skipping classes, brushing my hair so it was oh so straight with a giant paddle brush, doodling on the thick soled rubber of my Vans, and memorizing the lyrics to every Jane’s Addiction song ever wailed. But I still did my homework ....more

Christmas 2013

Many moons ago, we declared that when we had kids, Christmas would be at our house. Anyone who wanted could come over, but we didn’t want to travel for the holidays. It was important to us that our kids woke up in their own beds, came down their own stairs, to the tree they helped decorate ....more

Sunday Smiles

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