Another year...

The first day of school has come and gone.  The kids are all a grade older and I only have one year left before Dimples will be in Kindergarten which means ALL DAY school.  :( I'd like to share our first day of school picture like I always have in the past.. Alas, the "highschoolers" have deemed themselves all of the sudden too big to pose.  Silly teens.  So here are the lil kids : ...more

What's in a name:?

It's been a long summer full of surgeries and recoveries.. We are still in recovery for Attitude King (adenoids & imtc - nose cauterizing to make the airway larger).  Dimples has a sinus infection which means he cries when he should be sleeping & also has been constantly clearing his throat for the past few weeks which is quite frankly driving me insane..  It pretty much makes me feel stabby which is why I haven't been here talking about it. ....more

Life is too short.

I have struggled all day with what to say.. Sometimes in life, you are thrust outside of your normal comfort zone and are forced to find a new safe spot.   Life with a special needs child can be like that.  Many of your old friends just don't understand what it's like , not that they don't try, but it's hard to imagine what you haven't felt yourself. In those cases, sometimes you are lucky to meet a group with other ...more

The last of 3..

Tonite, the last of my 3 boys will get a sleep study.. Fishing Pole has done it twice, Dimples- more times than I care to count, and now Attitude King gets his turn.  Naturally being the oldest of the boys at 14, he is by far the whiniest about the situation.  Looking at pictures of his younger brothers all mummy wrapped with wires everywhere has him declaring that he probably won't sleep all night unless they drug him.    The older ...more

Winner Alert!!

Robbi B  & Sheena M.  are the winners of the Terminally Human giveaway !   Please respond to the emails I sent both of you or I will pick new winners on Thursday!   Thanks everyone!! xoxo, ...more

Just a note

Hey guys! I've decided with several book reviews & giveaways coming up, I'm going to move them back to my rarely used review blog..  So keep a look out there. But until then, here's a freebie for this weekend : ...more

Free Book Monday :)

Mondays are dreary and pretty much No One likes a Monday .. But a free book makes it soo much better!!  Go check it out- free today and tomorrow only :) ...more

Stretch it like a rubberband..

Fishing Pole went into surgery yesterday as he always does.  Head held high and flirting with the nurses.  Lumpy & Puppy accompanied him, we decided that this surgery needed more than just one animal friend. I am always amazed at his resilience.. We counted yesterday and this was surgery # 9.   (1. heart defect repairs, 2. bronchoscopy, 3. pacemaker, 4. pacemaker repair, 5. pacemaker repair..again, 6. endoscopy, 7. adenoids, 8. Weenie surgery, 9.Spine surgery) NINE in 6yrs and almost 4months. ....more

Sometimes a Fart just isn't safe..

**Warning- Definitely a TMI post ** Fishing Pole tends to have issues with constipation.. Ok, all my younger 4 do.  The GI drs once told us that it's common in drug exposed kiddos, something about the drugs can mess with the motility.  Anyway, he's on miralax daily but still has a little bit of issue from time to time.  So with the surgery coming up, I decided that I should go ahead and up the dose a bit to help ...more

Fishing Pole likes rare ~ pt 3

To start at the beginning, click here for part 1 & part 2 .... June 4th- Fishing Pole had his little boy bits surgically rearranged..  Dr Weinie , whom I like very much!,  went ahead and added a few more things while he was in there so the boy had 5 things fixed. ...more