On Rental RVs

When I worked at Yellowstone, rangers used to say that rental RVs were the most dangerous thing in the park. Not bears, not bison, not pools of boiling sulphur water – rental RVs....more


In light of Senator John McCain’s senate record of the last few years (and in celebration of the repeal of DADT passing!), I would like to respectfully demand that he relinquish his self-proclaimed title of “Maverick.”...more

Indonesia's (sort of) got (some of) their act together for nursing mothers.

Indonesia has just passed a new law stating that all babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of life, and that anyone standing in the way of such will be heavily fined. LinkIn theory, this sounds like a grand idea, but some things might not match up.For instance, one of the first things to jump out at me in this article is that Indonesia does not seem to be extending its policy of 3 months of paid maternity leave to 6 months....more

Pillars of the Earth

This is what I spent most of Sunday doing:...more

High school

I did not go to an ordinary high school.  Since graduation, I have become more and more aware of the fact that my high school experience was atypical in that it was of the “magnet” and “art” varieties....more

This election cycle? I am not a fan.

I am reposting an entry that was added to my blog earlier today - mainly because I'm just that worked up about the subject matter.Let’s take gender politics out of this for a minute.This election cycle has been shamefully petty and counterproductive – in a time when we can LEAST afford for it to be so. I DON’T CARE how awful your opponent is. Frankly, I think 95% of you who got the nomination for your party are awful. If you’re running for office in this climate, odds are that you’re either an attention whore or a masochist or both. I don’t really want an attention whore masochist governing me, but my choices are limited....more