Here Could I Breathe My Soul Into the Air

Right after I turned 21, I participated in a month-long Shakespeare intensive at Shakespeare &Company in the Berkshires.  There were 60 of us and we spent a month, 8am to 10pm, 6 days a week, wandering through the woods freeing our natural voice, rolling up and down our spines, and learning to identify personally with Shakespeare’s text.  This translated to a crapload of tears as we dove into dark cathartic waters head first going only on blind faith that we’d rise up on those thick rich words instead of snapping our necks in unknown shallows....more

Thank you Mr. Columbus Circle Man who gave me a coffee cart napkin to wipe my tears, kind words to renew my faith in NYC...

Things have been less than stellar lately. They are all life deal-able things. Babies won’t die. But it hasn’t exactly been easy.  I worked hard over this week to pull myself out of a self-deprecating muck and back onto solid ground. Then yesterday, my father called. There is nothing like a parent drilling you over the phone, while you are at work and can’t properly brat out, about life choices you are completely unable to face at the moment to make you – make me – feel as lost and confused about my life as I was 10 years ago....more

Phat Shui for Singles

 We shall now explore how the mysterious and illusory art of Phat Shui can improve your love life. Follow these steps towards a love life rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats....more

Fat and Fabulous vs. Healthy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the idea of  overcoming negative body image verses the basic fact that being overweight is not good for you.  Yes, as a society we are fed unrealistic images of the perfect Barbie-like woman that growing up made me feel hopelessly inadequate.  But with childhood obesity on the rise, and the devastating effects this will inevitably have on the lifelong health of our kids, how wise is it to embrace the notion of being fat and fabulous?  ...more

Spin and Dating. Not so Different...

 Last year, at this time, there were two things that I was resisting out of a distaste for the activity and fear of the unknown. These two things were Spin class and dating. In a banal twist of fate (the common phrasing is more like “in a bizarre twist of fate,” but is it really bizarre that I would start dating again? Or that my FA would need to hop on a bike? No.), these are activities I’ve been engaging in quite frequently lately. At first, I couldn’t decide which was the more painful of the two, but they each have their benefits....more