Just last week I had one of those all-out gut wrenching events with my girl. The kind of disagreement that felt, in a sense, like the first time I got my heart broken from a boy, only one thousand times worse! I didn’t realize until becoming a mother, just how fragile my emotions could be when it came to someone else....more

Running is my roadmap to life....

I started running six years ago...after a breakdown, three children, and much needed change in my life. I have never looked back!  Running gave me hope and strength that I could do and acheive anything that I possibly set my mind to. Since that time, I have run five marathons and am signed up for my sixth in October.On 9/11, I ran my most memorable marathon ever. I used the time to reflect on my life, the lives of those lost ten years ago, and the many life lessons that running has gifted me in the last several years....more

Den Chronicles: Life is getting muddy

How many of you sent a child to high school this year? How was it for you? For me, it mimicked the first day of Kindergarten nine years ago but with many more complicated emotions than before. The process of letting go continues....Here is an excerpt from my latest story: “Trust me mom.”He uses the statement frequently, sometimes within its correct context, and sometimes way to loose.“Mom,” he exclaimed this morning. “Discovery is going to have snow later this week!”“Seriously, Riley?”...more
This is awesome. Thanks for picking something from Mamalode! Jen Slayden is an amazing writer.more

Den Chronicles: Hats off to Love!

I am so excited to have been a part of a collaborative ebook on Self-Love that was compiled by Evelyn Lim and Lance Ekum.My story tells of my struggle with self-love, and my challenge of wearing too many hats throughout my life, as many woman and mothers do.You can read my story today and be inspired to ditch some of those hats that will weigh you down after time!...more
I loved the picture! I thought it was super cute! All of those hats are a real balancing act :) ...more

Den Chronicles: Suck it Up!

How many mothers think that once their children reach a certain age they will start getting better sleep?  I hate to inform them that the reality is you trade little or no sleep for restless or different types of sleep.For instance, my eight year old is now, all the sudden, afraid of the dark. He is our youngest child, and I am sure part of the fear is due to his older siblings telling him ghost stories. We have banned TV, monitored which books he can read, brought the dog in to sleep in his room, left the lights on, turned on music, etc. etc. to no avail....more
LOL! I totally grew up in an Irish Catholic family! And superstitious to boot! But seriously, we ...more

FEAR: false evidence appearing real

I recently returned from a backpacking trip in Glacier National Park, where a series of events prompted me to explore my relationship with fear. For many years fear was my enemy. It paralyzed me from living the life I intend to live. But after having children and hitting bottom when post-partum depression sank in, I finally re-evaluated my relationship with fear. I learned to use fear as a motivator, and as a healthy tool....more

I totally hear you! Between my sis-in-law and I we have six children. We were so thankful they ...more

Den Chronicles: Parenting Vows

  I have played in a string quartet for over 18 years, and witnessed so many interesting weddings. Here is one story and the correlation I find with parenting..... Please let me know you visited from Blogher, so I can support you back!

Den Chronicles: Birthing the Marathon

  Sunday I finished my fourth marathon. I wasn't going to run any more marathons, just like I wasn't going to have any more babies! But a worthy cause for children caught my eye, and my heart took over. I am a busy mom of three, so it was a huge commitment and goal to acheive. Here is my story: By Jen Slayden Running a marathon is like having a baby. I know this, because as of Sunday I have run four marathons, and I have also birthed three babies. Each time I immediately said I would never do it again....more

Den Chronicles: Independence Daze

  As we celebrate another Independence Day in America, I begin to reminsice about the day I became a mom and lost my independence. Then I began to like the fact that I had children that depended on me. Just when I thought I had it figured all out, my oldest hits the teen years. It is like the early years of parenting all over again, as he strives to let freedom ring in his own life and I strive to be needed by him. Here is an excerpt from my latest post regarding parenting a teen: Now that I have a teenager I am seeing a new transformation....more


  I just got home from Fiddle camp....a place that is so very special to my family in the middle of the mountains. I was unplugged for 2 entire weeks, except once to check my email and once when I drove 10 miles down the road to receive cell service. It made me realize once again the importance of simple pleasures, of perseverance and a positive attitude. The first week camp flooded and many of the campers on one side of the camp had to be placed in a hotel down the road. It didn't dampen anyone's spirit, though, and when the news got wind, it was shown on TV....more