Oh Yea? Well, I Have Vampire Teeth in Mine!

This is my bag....more
Hahaha! I think we have the same bag except mine has an extra set of hot wheels and a half eaten ...more

My Last Supper

My new favorite past time lately is reading this new book that my sweet husband recently surprised me with. My Last Supper: The Next Course  is the second in a series by author Melanie Dunea. It is a journey through the lives and minds of 50 famous chefs, revealing what their last meal before death would look like....more

The Weekend Refresher

There is snow falling right now outside my window. I announced to my family a couple days ago that I believed we would see the first snow of the season this weekend! And, while the kids showed great excitement at the possibility, Chris felt like it wasn’t quite time. But, alas, I was right! What’s my prize? Well, I guess a neighborhood covered in white is good enough for me.A week ago, we were still melting from 80 degree temperatures and now the heat has been kicked on in my house and I find myself curled up in a blanket watching the snow fall outside. ...more

They're a Hoot! Owl Cookies!

I discovered this adorable owl cookie idea from In Katrina’s Kitchen earlier in the week and couldn’t wait  to try it out yesterday after school! I had been itching to be crafty since the first hint of fall blew past me a couple weeks ago!...more
I love this! I can see myself making them with my kids!more

Peeking Through a Mouth Window

If I took one thing away from my hour-long volunteering stint in Logan’s class yesterday, its that these kid’s teeth are flying out of their little mouths before they can say the words, “Tooth Fairy!”...more
I'm the helper and I'm moving to your neighborhood. The growing rate for the tooth fairy is five ...more