Best Handmade Gifts for the Crafty Shopper

Sometimes the sale racks at Target just won't do when you have someone on your list who would appreciate heart and soul in your gift selection. If you want to give something truly personal this Christmas, consider Etsy where handmade so often means exquisite detail and the finest quality. With priority shipping, it's still not too late to send the best of the best. Here are four ways you can't go wrong--whether you are the crafty buyer or whether you have someone who loves to create on your list. Buy Original Prints ...more

Etsy is a great source year round. I love that place. Thanks for the good links - checking ...more

Stories with Winter in Mind: An Interview with Storyteller Jen Lee

Art takes new forms in winter months where cold weather sends reflective souls inside to create and make things new. New York writer Jen Lee talked to me about her latest project, Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark, an audio collection of stories written with the lonely days of winter in mind. ...more

The title triggered Tori Amos' Winter, now running through my mind...

I know ...more

The Case for Purchasing Art in an Economic Downturn

"How's business?" I ask an artist friend who practically wrote the book on making a boutique business thrive and prosper with the help of the web. "You can hear crickets chirping," she tells me. "No one's buying a thing." ...more


I am an arts education advocate (blah blah artist) and boy is it tough right ...more

Art and Photography Blogs Focus on Fall

Fall can be an incredibly inspired time for artists as the season changes, giving way to shorter days, more reflection and if you're lucky, more time to create. Here's a nice sampling of offerings for fall from artists who are focused on the transformations of nature as well as the heart. ...more

That's a lovely collection, thank you for sharing.

I've been finding some great stock ...more

Who Does She Think She Is?

Women have been struggling to balance family and career as long as women have been in the workplace. And over the last decade, we've seen progress. Partners expect to have to share household responsibilities to a certain extent; modern couples understand the need to take turns so each person gets a shot at making particular goals a reality. ...more

I have a creative business and it is work. I design, make and sell jewelry. I work.

I ...more

Crossing Mediums: A Talk with Writer Jennifer McGuiggan about Making Art at Squam

Last week 135 people went to scenic Squam Lake, New Hampshire to attend Squam Art Workshops. I asked seasoned writer Jenna McGuiggan of The Word Cellar to tell me a little bit about her time there and the experience of crossing mediums and being a beginner. ...more

An Interview with Photographer Stephanie Roberts

Photographer and fine artist Stephanie Roberts is well-known to the Blogher community for her unique perspective as an audio journalist. She's spent the last few Blogher conferences making sure you hear the deeper stories from speakers and attendees alike. What you might not know is that Stephanie is making deep forays into the world of art, a place she knows well from her family ties as well as her own journey. Take a minute to learn how Stephanie came to make this turn back to her roots as a fine arts photographer and storyteller. ...more

I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about Stephanie. I also love that I have a ...more

Don't Write: A Reluctant Journal and Other Great Cures for Writer's Block

I first met Jen Lee last fall in a tiny restaurant on the Lower East Side. She was the first person to show up for a little blog meetup with readers from New York City, and she arrived just in time to relieve my anxiety that I would be the only person to show. We had just enough time together before the others arrived to realize our paths had been crossing for some time--in shared friendships, similar upbringings, a familiar love for the writing life and so much more. ...more

To me, a writer, whether dealing with extended writer's block or delving in, is a person who ...more

A Little Bird Told Me: Swap Meet at Blogher!

You've been waiting with bated breath to find out if Blogher will bring back the Swap Meet this year in San Francisco. Wait no longer, my friends! Now is the time to sign up for a table--only ten available, so don't delay! Who's on your list of nearest and dearest that you absolutely must see there with their lovely art ready to buy? Here's mine: ...more

The sign-ups were on the original post, which Jen has linked to: ...more

The Art of Summertime

Want something creative and artful to do this summer? ...more

Jen, thanks for the links.  I loved every last one of them and I am sure they wil fuel my ...more