Parenting is a Funny Thing.

Parenting is a funny thing.  We grow up fighting with our own parents, convinced they know nothing about what our lives are like or what we’re going through.  We go to great lengths to push for more than they are willing to give, convinced that they don’t understand how prepared we are to handle more adult responsibility.  We yell and scream and fight when boundaries are laid down and consequences are applied.  We wonder how they could be so mean....more

Real Men, Real Dads

I’m certainly nowhere close to being considered a feminazi.  I would never burn my bra.  I like a man to open a door for me and pay for dinner.  I believe in the special importance of being a stay at home mom.  I like men to be men- somewhat rough around the edges, willing to get dirty and sweaty, confident and somewhat just stereotypically masculine.  I don’t buy into the belief that men should be more like a girlfriend.  They aren’t wired like us.  They don’t want to discuss a problem and pick every last detail apart.  They like solutions.  The...more

Self Image: Friend or Foe?

I read a friend’s blog today regarding body image and her struggles with keeping weight off while at the same time reminding herself that she was being motivated by an unattainable image pushed on all women by mainstream media.  I think her dilemma is shared by almost all women, including me.  From the time our little eyes can focus on the page of a magazine or catch the glimpse of a passing billboard, the world tells us that our bodies need improvement because whatever we currently have is not cutting it....more

A Pink Phenomenon

I have a good friend who has not aged in about 20 years.  Literally.  If you compare a picture of her from high school and picture of her now, you would be hard pressed to decipher which one is current.  The secret?  I believe it’s all in the hair.  She has not changed her hair.  Ever.  Not once.  She has beautiful, long, naturally curly brown hair.  Except for those dark years in junior high when her hair was short and looked more like a poodle curled up on her head, her hair has been perpetually gorgeous.  (I will say there has been a few ...more

You've Got to be I-Kidding Me

I’ve never set foot in an Apple store.  I, admittedly, have never actually met a person who works for Apple.  (Which I consider proof that people who use different sides of their brains simply cannot hang out.)  But I think I have definitively identified one type of employee at Apple....more

The Psychology of Last

Being pregnant for what I know to be the last time is a funny thing.  It makes the whole thing so much more precarious, as if there is more on the line.  And doesn’t that make just no sense at all?  Being pregnant with either of my girls would have been the same risk, exactly one baby.  Why does knowing there will be no more after this one make everything different?...more