Education and the Inner City

I've been pondering over the issues of education and the inner city at great length since last Spring when I registered Ruthie for kindergarten. We are a white, middle class family living in a diverse community with lower class and working poor families. On more than one occasion I've heard my neighborhood referred to as "the inner city." ...more

BlogHer Blues

I'm not going to Blogher this year. At first I wasn't phased by this reality, since it really wasn't practical for me financially or logistically anyway. I was willing to accept that. But then the BlogHer chatter on the internet started pulling at my Poor Me strings this week. I have kept in touch this year with many women I met at BlogHer 2006, and meeting up with them again would be dangerously fun in a Not Sleeping for Three Days kind of way. I'm trying to get past that left-out feeling, because I know I am not being excluded in spirit. I just won't be present in body. ...more

Battery Charger for Cannon Powershot SD400 needed

The day before coming to blogher my battery charger disappeared. I did a CSI Toddler investigation, though it turned up nothing. Anybody at Blogher have a charger I could borrow? Thanks, Jen Zug ...more

I dont know exactly which charger you do need, but I have a Cannod 30D Eos with me - and ...more

Am I Registered?

I received a pass from a friend last week, so I never registered online (it was already closed). I have this paranoia that I will show up there to check in and nobody will know what I'm talking about. Can somebody reassure me that you have my information? ...more

Jen: If your friend gave you a pass, she has to email me and let me know her name and confirm ...more