‘Are they triplets?’

The triplet mamas who have gone before me (twin mamas, too!), told me it would happened. I knew it would eventually, but eventually seemed like a lifetime away. Eventually is here ....more

Kids & pink elephants don’t mix

I was out shopping with ETC recently, and we were following a woman walking with the help of a crutch. “What’s that, Mommy?” I’ve watched a lot of parents hush such questions, embarrassed that their young kids are pointing out someone’s physical difference. I’ve never seen anyone shoot curious kids dirty looks, but I’ve definitely [...] ...more

We’ll try again later

Rob and I love documentaries. I mean, who doesn’t? It’s the original Reality TV ....more

I thought I buried that

Capturing Hopes is a charitable organization based in North Carolina that provides free, professional NICU photography. They started in a small area and are working to expand across the United States (Perhaps the world?) When asked, my first piece of NICU-related advice is to find a professional photographer who will come in to document some [...] ...more

When the kids aren’t around …

It’s summer, folks. And while I’m all about summer and books...more

Down a rabbit hole to Crazytown

I received a private message on Instagram this weekend. It was from a random person – not someone who I follow or who follows me – and it basically said another Instagram user had stolen a photo from me and was saying it was her son....more

There’s no business like show business

How many of these monthly Netflix Stream Team posts have I written about RENT! now? Oh, so many ....more

Of course

I have fought ETC to bedtime for four consecutive nights (solo, I might add), and they’ve fallen asleep within minutes. Bliss. Except, OF COURSE I just now realize they have been overtired ....more

We were on a break!

Did you know that? Did you notice I’ve been ignoring you? Sorry ....more

Say hello to your friends

If you saw the title and instantly sang out “Baby-sitters Club!”, you are one of my people. The old-school BSC show was one of the most coveted items (is a TV show an item) of my childhood. We didn’t have Disney Channel at my house, so I lived for the free-preview weeks our cable company [...] ...more