Having Your Heart Crushed: Also Known As “Finding a New House”

Leaving the house I deeply loved was, and is, extremely painful. Before we settled on Northfield as our new town, we had looked in a variety of small towns across the southern metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul ....more

Finding a New Town

At first blush, it really seemed quite easy to find a new home-outside-of-my-home. I found out in February that my husband had gotten the new job and that we were moving to the Twin Cities area. I immediately called up chambers of commerce and visitor’s bureaus and started researching towns on the web ....more

Packing, Unpacking, and Taking a Deep Breath

Chaos. Five months of absolute chaos. I try to be honest, so I will say that my life was rather overwhelming and somewhat out of control before my husband was selected for a career position out of state ....more

Overwhelmed with weeds? No problem! Throw a weeding party!

Does your yard look as overgrown as mine? Gather up your gardening tools and some bribes and then invite friends and family over to help. Just be careful – they’ll probably ask you to do the same! ...more

Make your own moisturizing salve – quick and easy!

Making your own personalized, scented moisturizing salve is very easy. In the above video, I’ve demonstrated step by step how to make this great product. I’m very self-conscious about being on video, so be gentle! ...more

First Grave on the Right: It’s not just another Stephanie Plum

A review of First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones, published by ...more

My life was hit by a wrecking ball: we’re moving.

I built a life here in Mount Vernon, Iowa. I had an interesting and fun job with fun co-workers at the paper, I had a challenging academic career beginning, I was assisting in a really rockin’ parks and recreation department, I was learning with the master gardeners (and became a full-fledged master gardener four months ago), my patio was finally finished, my garden and yard was nearing exactly how I wanted it (after six years), I’d finally made some great ...more

Eternal has a good mystery

A review of Eternal by H.G. Nadel. Rated 4 out of 5 ....more

Deep Connections missed the mark, unfortunately

A review of Deep Connections by Rebecca Graf, published by ...more

Got an app for that? – My Top 5 Favorite Apps

I purchased a new iPhone approximately six months ago – a 4S. It was my first foray into the Apple smartphone arena, but the precious piece of unnecessary hardware joined my MacBook Pros 15″ and 17″, iPod original touch wheel, iPod classic, iPad, and Time Capsule. I suppose you could say I’ve been a junky since 2008 when my MBP 15″ was gifted to me as a graduation gift. Thank you, Jon. I think. Anyway, I bought this amazing ...more