Don't Bother Marrying the Cow when You can Get the Milk for Free

The lovely and talented Laurie White alerted me to a story last year from the CBC about Canada having more unmarried Canadians than married ones. ...more

I wonder how falling fertility rates compare with infant mortality rates in developing ...more

Music from a Cold Climate: Canadian Ladies who can sing

I am not an audiophile, so I am writing this post for both you and me. I have spent a great deal of time scouring the interwebs looking for some new Canadian music by the ladies. Since, at BlogHer we are all about the 80’s. I like lots of different types of music, from folksy to rock me like a hurricane. The first lady I came across was “Lenore” , just the one name. She is folksy, and I like it. There are several mp3 samples on her site, which is important to me when scanning for new music. This bit from her bio was funny: ...more

Funny a-go-go Canuck style

This week Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize. I was thrilled, as this throws even more attention to the climate change crisis. Along with Gore, the (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) was awarded this prestigious award. Canadian John Drexhage was one of the many scientists working with the IPCC, he said he was shocked and humbled to learn the organization had won the peace prize. I struggled for a while trying to make this into my entire post this week and failed. There are many people covering this good news and I felt like a kernel of corn on a huge cob. ...more

This Week in Pennies!

On this past Friday, October 5, Toronto and the Royal Canadian Mint made news because the Canadian Mint claimed they owned the words “one cent” and you can’t use them. The city of Toronto has started a campaign to get the federal government to return one cent of the national Goods and Services Tax (GST) to Toronto, which is struggling from decades of federal cuts in their budget payments from the Federal government. Source: boingboing ...more

writing unfounded cease and desist letters. Feh! Are they going to sue any American using the ...more

Giddyup! Shopping Plus Size Online.

The Canadian dollar has been riding on par or higher with the American buck for weeks. Canadians, it is time to shop online! I wrote last week of the some of the dire conditions of plus sized shopping in Canada. It really isn’t so dire and so lacking in real selection. You have to work all the angles to get the wardrobe you want. In case you missed it Susan Wagner wrote a post on WHAT to wear when you are in plus sized fashions. Go read her!!! ...more

Finding plus size fashions that are actually "fashionable" can be a daunting task - ...more

I Am a Big Clothes Horse

A big bodacious derby racing clothes horse. In Canada, there is not as much in the stores as there is in the US. I know this is partially because of sheer population, us being 1/10 of the US, but it makes for some bad selection. My inner (and outer) fashionista weeps when I walk into a Macys or Nordstrom’s or Layne Bryant. Plus sized American ladies, no more complaining until you have to come and shop in a smaller country. You can complain that sometimes, the exact same sweater in a “regular” size, often costs 5% more in a plus size. ...more
I recently found an online plus size store called The Haute Fox.  They have pretty cool stuff.more

Look Good Naked Naked Naked Naked!!

So, I am innocently watching television as I am apt to do once in a while, ok, all the time, and I see the most amazing preview! I was watching a Friends re-run (where Rachel’s dog Le Poo dies) and I see a preview for a show called “How to Look Good Naked”. Not how to lose weight, how to diet yourself gorgeous, fat camp, how to manage a gastric bypass, but how. To. Look. Good. Naked. I immediately went to the W Network Canada’s website to see what was up with this show. ...more

I have hunted for a good bra for a place that knew how to fit my big rack. I got a a few ...more

Stolen Innocence - Steven Truscott

Since all things Canadian are my blogher “beat”, I am writing my post this week about Steven Truscott. If you have missed this story, Steven Truscott was sentenced to be hanged at age 14 in 1959 for a murder of a young classmate. He was innocent. Paroled in 1969, he disappeared, made a new life, had a family, some children and a decent job. This is sort of a difficult post for me to write. I think of how innocent and unaware of such things at 14 years old. I cried when I first heard about this story, and as I write, tears come to my eyes again. Fourteen years old, sentenced to death, a record for the youngest death-row inmate. ...more

I have been following this story for a very long time. I am very happy he is a free man now. ...more

A Mental Challenge

Perhaps this has just been on my mind a lot lately, but I decided my post this week would be about mental health in Canada. Now how many of us need it or anything *whispering* lots, but more about what treatment is here. Specifically how I get treatment. I spent a lot of time on Google trying to find material comparing the two countries health care systems. Most of the Academic papers I found concluded that more studies needed to be done and “quality” can’t be “quantitative” anyhow. Excellent analysis. I did find one study that said Canadians were way crazy. ...more

Canada's lady bloggers are Awesome! (and nice and polite)

I was going to get all political on you guys this week and talk about Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, but my heart needs lighter fare to start the week. ...more