Reluctantly adding to the Newton conversation

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a social media addict. I post multiple times a day on Facebook and Twitter for both personal and professional reasons, and I write/blog for a couple online sites as well. Wasn't really sure if anything other than my family could make me take a step back, but hearing the news of the school shooting in Newton, CT did big time....more

How do you say goodbye?

Most of us had to deal with this in childhood: You find an amazing friend, a best friend. One you played with all the time. Someone who understood you, who liked you, who always wanted to hang out with you. Nothing could ever come between you...At least, until one of you moved away.I still remember how upset I got when a girl who lived on my street moved to Ohio when I was six-years-old. I cried for days. It was awful!Now I have to figure out how to help my child with Asperger's say goodbye....more
My heart goes out to both Sean and R.  Such a hard thing to face.more

The Blessing and Curse of Technology

The advances in technology in recent years have been nothing short of a miracle for families who have children with special needs. Computers can give our kids a voice where they previously didn't have one. Certain apps can teach how to read, count, add, socialize, and so much more. They give parents a voice and a way to find other parents in the same situation. It's hard to imagine like with our kids now without technology.But then there is the other side. The side where I would love to take every iThing in this house and sell them on Ebay to the highest bidder....more

The importance of an advocate

The older I get, the more I realize you don't get very far in this world without some kind of help along the way. This is definitely true of this foundation. We wouldn't be standing here if you all didn't support us, and I would have no knowledge to pass on to any of you if we didn't get to know the people we have throughout our journey. And I don't think I we will ever go along to another IEP meeting for Sean ever again. We will always take an advocate with us. ...more

The art of internalizing

Definition of internalizing: 1. Make (attitudes or behavior) part of one's nature by learning or unconscious assimilation.2. Actions that direct problematic energy toward the self. My child, as many children on the autism spectrum are, is an expert at both definitions. ...more

Why We Got The Dog

The idea of a service dog being used for an individual with autism is still in its infancy stages. Not many people realize dogs do anything to help autism at all. There are studies and statistics slowly emerging supporting the idea, but very little of that was available two years ago when we made the decision to get one....more