Daring to Let Go

Pulling open the hall closet doors reveals fifteen years of accumulated memories. I start slowly, making piles of school supplies, arts and crafts, photo books. There's all the old stencils that I never got around to using and three new boxes of crayons. Half a dozen old school binders that only a thirteen year old would love.We've decided to put this house up for sale in the new year....more

Giving Teenage Girls Advice

Adults love to give teenagers advice. Because we know everything and have an omniscient understanding of the world that teenage girls are growing up in. Right?Sure we do....more

A Very Long Conversation

A Ceremony Worth Celebrating

I’ve wanted to write about my son’s upcoming nuptials for weeks and guess what happened?  The wedding was last weekend.This is what happens when one is busy experiencing the event.I really wouldn’t want to have it any other way.  ...more

Mother's Day - Listen up, Kids...

Dearest Children,...more
A beautiful letter! It is something your children will always have to cherish :)more

Watching the Boy Become a Man

My son and I met down in town yesterday afternoon and went to a matinee show.  I picked him up outside of his apartment and we devoured a bag of popcorn watching yet another silly summer blockbuster.  Needless to say, we laughed, shook our heads and honestly just enjoyed a Sunday afternoon at the movies.On the way out the door of theater, my son asks me to come look at his apartment.I’ve seen your apartment, I reply, thinking about the stew I have left slow cooking at home and the rest of dinner that I still need to cook....more
What struck me with this post was how much your son trusts you -- how your relationship has ...more