Tough, love.

Toward the end of last October, I thought to myself, This is the hardest month I have ever had. In November it became the hardest two months, December three. Where are we now? ...more

Happy, New Year

I miss our Christmas tree. We went up to the mountains and the kids picked a perfect...more

Tile crush

Paris Metro 1 terracotta tile from Tabarka Studio...more

Day of the FacePaint

Happy Halloween! A photo posted by Jenifer Monroe (@jenmonroe)...more

Taos Pueblo

I keep forgetting that Scuba hasn’t set his nightstand clock since the time change, so I feel like I’ve had more than one extra hour this week, even though I want to get in bed for the night at 6:45 or so. I know that once he does change it, I won’t realize and I’ll lose an hour. It all comes out in the wash, right? ...more

After I voted today


This year

The Camera Shop in Santa Fe. They were nice and didn’t rip me off when I needed a new lens cap. This year I was all, I’m *totally* going to NaBloPoMo it up! ...more


Arizona. That sky is addictive and I’d like to go back and be under it some more. Looking down is pretty rewarding, too ....more

Chapter One

For about thirty years I thought that I would write a book about the trip I took this summer. I didn’t think about it every day, but it was settled in my mind. An eventual fact ....more

I’ve been blogging for twelve years, and this is the first time I’ve been tempted to put a photo of my butt on The Internets.

Scuba has been skateboarding since elementary school, and he surfs and used to spend a lot of winter weekends snowboarding, so when he says that the bruise I got on my butt this weekend is the worst bruise he has ever seen on a person, ever, then let’s agree to all agree that it’s an impressive one. He said it looks like I have a big purple kale leaf stuck to my ass. We took Ace on a five or six mile walk up to Lexington Reservoir Saturday morning before it got too hot ....more