This is New Wave

I was eight or nine, I know, because we were in my dad’s house in Garland, Tx. I was in the kitchen, at the window. Oh, hey! ...more

This summer

Some summers are lazy (I’ve heard). This wasn’t one of them, but we did sneak in a week at the beach right when it started at the end of June. I can’t even remember everything we did, but I do remember getting up a 4 a.m. two days in a row for Willow’s softball tournament and driving around Lake Tahoe to the fields as the sun came up ....more

Tough, love.

Toward the end of last October, I thought to myself, This is the hardest month I have ever had. In November it became the hardest two months, December three. Where are we now? ...more

Happy, New Year

I miss our Christmas tree. We went up to the mountains and the kids picked a perfect...more

Tile crush

Paris Metro 1 terracotta tile from Tabarka Studio...more

Day of the FacePaint

Happy Halloween! A photo posted by Jenifer Monroe (@jenmonroe)...more

Taos Pueblo

I keep forgetting that Scuba hasn’t set his nightstand clock since the time change, so I feel like I’ve had more than one extra hour this week, even though I want to get in bed for the night at 6:45 or so. I know that once he does change it, I won’t realize and I’ll lose an hour. It all comes out in the wash, right? ...more

After I voted today


This year

The Camera Shop in Santa Fe. They were nice and didn’t rip me off when I needed a new lens cap. This year I was all, I’m *totally* going to NaBloPoMo it up! ...more


Arizona. That sky is addictive and I’d like to go back and be under it some more. Looking down is pretty rewarding, too ....more