THERE'S ALWAYS A SILVER LINING SOMEWHERE: how paying it forward works even when your coffee spills & your car crashes

 So something rather wonderful happened the other day. I had spent the morning running hither and yon to meetings and the grocery store and the pharmacy and the dry cleaners and the post office – all the tasks we regular folks with no budget for personal assistants must tackle after being out of town for two weeks – when I found myself yawning....more
Isn't writing awesome??? Just by writing about your horrible, rotten, no good day... you were ...more

Sometimes Superman Wears Sweats

I love living in Southern California, but just as Eden had snakes, so the Southland is home to two nasty creatures whose acquaintance I could easily have gone an entire lifetime without making, thank you very much. ...more

Do I Write About Bowel Movements or The Moon?

Let’s make this clear from the beginning. I have absolutely no desire to write about bowel movements. I want to write about the moon.But, at the same time, I want to be read.Actually, I should clarify that. I want to be read by People Who Don’t Know Me, not just by my friends.  ...more

Dante-Joe’s 10th Circle of Hell: the Department of Motor Vehicles with Mama

If there is such a thing as reincarnation and Dante has found himself back among us as Joe Blow, US citizen, he is undoubtedly kicking himself.  ...more

No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded...Sometimes. An update on giving up shopping.

Who would have thunk it? That I would find Beauty while stuck in Security at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport....more

Landmines Amongst the Jimmy Choos

 In third grade at Ladue Elementary, Bryan Kratky gave up chocolate for Lent and stuck to it.            I used to wonder why I have never forgotten this funky, niggling factoid. Why remember Bryan, first AND last name, when the rest of my class – other than our teacher, Miss Storer, who could whistle Happy Birthday – were a mystery by middle school?...more
Great question! My answer is No, it's not cheating if you shop for others. Think about it... ...more

The Morning the Egg Exploded

 I am at my mother’s condo, staying with her for the foreseeable as she recovers from her second hip replacement. And, since these are early days and Mama is kind of loopy on pain meds, I am responsible for pretty much everything, from helping her in and out of bed and fetching her hearing aid to adding ice to her occasional bourbon....more

The Church of the Sacred Manicure

 I am a Catholic convert. And if you know anything about Catholicism, you know that no denomination has more perfected the rite of Confession – or Reconciliation, as they now call it – than the Catholics.Add to that the fact that no one is more zealous than a convert…and guess what?...more
Lola Leghorn I used to teach Sunday School too, a thousand years ago, and I learned a TON. I've ...more

Maybe if there were polka dots on my ass I might like it better

I love polka dots. Polka dots bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face. Remember the old ad slogan “Things go better with Coke?” Well, in my world, things go better with polka dots. There is virtually no item that can’t benefit from a smattering or more of those cute, little or large, twinkly colored-in circles....more
It's so funny, Lola. Since I wrote the post, I have seen polka dots everywhere! More than usual ...more

Who Knew I Was A Club Sandwich?