Day Three is a New Day

Ugh. I know that I need to focus on making healthy choices and that when I choose a mocha frapaccino that  is my "gateway" food...One "bad" choice leads to anger with myself and becomes a downward spiral of bad choices. I have read many times to not let one bad choice ruin your day but it is so hard to overcome a lifetime of behaviors. Today is a new day and I can't let my disappointment affect my ability to move forward. I have an apple in my purse in case I get hungry and I am getting ready to load the kids in the car and head to the gym....more

My Journey to health!

Day One, here we go. I honestly HATE writing but I know that this will help keep me accountable. I have needed to lose over 50 pounds since the birth of me second son almost 8 years ago but I always had an "excuse". I've always struggled with my weight and I have lost and gained the same 30 lbs I don't know what to do! Losing weight is easy to tell you the truth- it's the keeping it off that's hard. I've never been able to "not think of food" and I resent it. Even when I was young it was always an issue. I went on my first diet- slimfast - at age 11....more