The Duggar Family and THOSE Photos

Reposted from my personal blog:Sorry – I have another sad post…  Bear with me.If you haven’t already heard – the Duggar family (you know, that one with the 19 kids and counting?) recently had a loss.  Michelle miscarried her 20th child this week.Now – I’m NOT going to talk about how many children she has.  I personal don’t agree with having that many, but those kids are well taken care of and it’s not my vagina those kids are coming out of....more

Just a crayon

Today I did something... (Repost from WP)

...that I'm not sure if it was the right thing to do. But, to tell that story, I have to tell another story.  When I was a sophomore in college, I met a guy by the name of Tom online.  Actually, I read his blog, and we started talking online.  We seemed to really hit it off so I, being slightly impulsive at this point in my life, drove many miles across the state to visit him one night.  I won't forget that night - I parked my car and walked slowly to the door of his dorm.  It was there I saw him getting off the elevator, looking out the window for me. ...more

I need some help from the BlogHer community...

Okay - I need some help.  Like Kissy Lovestuff's question at, I have a blogging dilemma.I need a place to vent, and truly be myself without fear of repercussions of mainly family members.  I don't intend to bad mouth people, but a lot of crazy sh!t goes on in my life and I want to write about it. Should I continue writing "family friendly" things and photos on my first blog, and create a second blog (not connected to the first at all) with a pseudonym? ...more

The pain goes away, but the sorrow remains... (Reposted from WP)

Last week I wrote about the National FFA association on my WP blog, and how I feel that it influenced me. But, I keep thinking about something, or rather someone else that has helped shape me into who I am now.  Some of you may know her, I do talk about her every now and then – it was my great-grandma, Ada. My grandmother was a strong, wise and confident woman from what I know of her.  She never shirked from hard work, helped her community however she could, and raised three sons with her husband on the farm....more

So... Have you ever tried to abduct a child? - Repost from WordPress

So, this weekend, Tim, Eric and I went to the farmer’s market in Urbana.  I had wanted to go for a while, so we packed up and drove over.  After arriving, we ran into an old friend for a few minutes and wandered around.  I must say, the Urbana market is wonderful; there were vendors of all kinds and fresh bread, plants, vegetables.  I will definitely go back again.  I got some blueberry scones, radishes and bright red strawberries. ...more

And that mom should have realized it. I tell my daughter she should find someone in a uniform OR ...more

Happy Belated (Step) Mother's Day - Repost from WordPress

Technically I am not a mother.  I want to be - I think I'm ready.  If anyone can ever be ready to bring a life into the world.  But that is another story for another time. I am a step-mother.  Which I don't think commands the same respect as a mother.  When you are a mother, you carry your children for nine months, bonding with then and then watch them grow up.  You mold and shape your child into the person you wish them to be - you want your child to succeed and share in your life's experiences.  But step-mothers......more

I Have a Confession (Repost from WordPress)

Gotcha!  Well, I really do have a confession, but it’s probably not as juicy as you would have hoped when you visited this blog. You see, I love to cook.  I like the soothing feeling of chopping vegetables, and learning how to make new recipes.  It makes me (and Tim usually) happy.  But I have a problem.  A serious problem. When I either have people over to the house, or have to take a dish somewhere for other people – I agonize over recipes and almost ALWAYS take a dish that I have never cooked before and hope like hell it tastes good. I did...more

Rudeness - Repost from WordPress

You know what?  I hate meeting new people. ...more

When my husband and I bought our first place (a condo), we thought it would be great to make ...more

Copy: A How-To (From WP)

My husband travels a bit – so when he’s gone, I’m in charge of running the house.  We have two boxers, which makes this more of a challenge.  We have been trying to go on more walks now that the weather is nice; the last time Tim was out of town, I attempted to take the dogs on a walk by myself.  Mind you, Marshall is 55 lbs. and Sherman is 50 lbs.  ...more