jelly bean changes coming down the windpipe

So apparently some Ukrainian company has developed a jelly bean that makes your farts come up smelling like roses.  Call it perfume for the digestive tract.  An air freshener for the body. Halleluja.  Us humans have reached a new pinnacle.  Certainly stopping war, eliminating poverty and preventing vast quantities of oil leaking into our limited water supply are just around the corner.  What better tribute to our advanced civilization?  Someday we'll tell our grandchildren "I Remember When" stories about a world before farts smelled like Calvin Klein....more

churchbells revisited

I’m reading Brideshead Revisited, a book from my own bookshelf, bought years ago after studying and enjoying Evelyn Waugh in a literature class.  I’m charmed by the author’s language and humour.  I get to a passage in which Charles is walking out on a Sunday morning, heading f...more

throw it at the wall and see if it sticks

I started to write a blog post about an ugly, scathing indictment against Women’s Studies programs that appeared in the National Post’s editorial section this morning.  <!--break-->The thing is filled with grand sweeping generalizations (like all Women’s Studies programs are developed and taught by radical feminists) and implications (like all feminists are radicals) and hateful and baseless accusations (like Women’s Studies has taught us that heterosexual sex is bad and women are victims and that it has “done untold damage to families, court systems, labour laws, constitutional freedoms and even the ordinary relationships between men and women.”)  ...more

...two steps back



you are not a lurker

My friend Willow wrote a charming piece last week about the “peeping tom” nature of the blogging world...more

I'm with you BakinBaker! 

And it's true - you build up a blog network by being ...more

my nephew dropped me on facebook

Not the one who just got married.  The other one who also happens to be breaking out of a starting gate into a new life.  In this case:  high school.  ...more

Though it was a teen/college crowd space long before it was a family place. And teens need to ...more

long hugs

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a small town, but there is something remarkable about this sustained bond between people that seemed to rematerialize like a magic thread after thirty years of carrying on lives apart from one another. ...more

literacy is power

I teach creative writing courses in a continuing education department of a college.  Most would consider these to be “special interest” courses, which people take for enjoyment.  And that’s great – one of the reasons I teach these courses is because I enjoy it.  ...more

kids see lots if you ask me


sky drama

Tonight I’m on my way home and I’m thinking I’ll take the long way and go down and walk by the lake.  But it soon becomes apparent there is another thunderstorm approaching, and I’ve forgotten my umbrella.  ...more

a challenge: small steps

Writers and creative people often get stuck.  I can be one of the ‘stuckest’ – and I’ve come to learn that one of the best ways to become unstuck is to take small steps.  When you walk – figuratively or literally – the ever-benevolent universe begins to put things in your path.  You begin to uncover opportunities in the places you thought least likely. ...more