date night... just me, michael and the local police

My Mom works for a surgeon's office and has been there for years. To make some extra money, my sister and her husband clean the office once a week. That's important to know for this story. ...more

grapefruit honey yogurt cake

Don't run away screaming from the title - this cake is so delicious and different. I have about 47 grapefruits in my kitchen right now and wanted to figure out an interesting way to use them, so I baked a grapefruit cake. It really is the best solution for an abundance of fruit in your house. I mean, forget about just eating it plain to get full nutritional value or beating it up in a blender to make smoothies. Add flour, sugar, eggs and bake this cake. ...more

new york = great friends, great food, happy girl

I am forever grateful for the 4 years I spent in New York City. I remember people telling me, "Enjoy being in college while you can, you will look back and wish you had appreciated it more." This is not the case for me. I knew how good it was while I had it. I laid down and rolled around in it, enjoying every precious moment. With that said, I feel the same way about this time in my life now. Maybe it's a good thing to appreciate every stage in your life. My Dad always tells me, "Focus on the blessings." He is so wise. ...more

chocolate covered strawberry cupcakes

Chocolate covered strawberries are awesome. Take something perfectly delicious and healthy, then dip it in chocolate. Win. I figured it would be totally epic turned into cupcakes. ...more

apple cinnamon baked oatmeal

I love baked oatmeal. You basically throw a bunch of yummy stuff in a bowl, mix it up, pour it into a casserole dish and bake it. In 30 or so minutes, you have a delicious hot breakfast that will feed a crowd. ...more

chocolate chip buttermilk scones

After eating only one chocolate croissant this weekend, I knew I needed more chocolate pastry goodness. I was so proud of my self control in that moment at the bakery, so I decided to reward myself by making these chocolate chip buttermilk scones. Makes perfect sense, right? ...more

I'm not a big chocolate person but I love scones. These sound yummy.

Contributing ...more

roasted tomato pizza margherita

My first job out of college in 2009 was a Bookkeeper/Office Manager at a real estate firm in Hoboken, New Jersey. It was wonderful to actually use my degree. I learned so much in that position. I also met wonderful people who made my time there memorable. ...more

peanut butter and chocolate snack bars

Peanut butter and chocolate could be the best combination in the dessert world. The whole salty/sweet thing is out of control - give me a salty pretzel dipped in chocolate any day. ...more

raspberry swirl angel food cupcakes

Thanks to three of my best friends getting married this year and all the bridesmaids dresses I have to squeeze myself into, I have been trying my best to eat healthier lighter foods, pack my lunches for work and work out 4 times a week. Those are very realistic, positive goals and expectations. I have been doing really well too. Win! ...more

They look positively scrumptious! I could use one of those right now.

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chicken 2 ways: chicken salad and pineapple chicken over rice

When it comes to packing my lunch for work, I start to get bored with turkey sandwiches on wheat bread and salads. I like to mix it up a little, to keep me from spending money going out for lunch all the time. ...more