No Country for Young Men? Silver-haired and Service-Oriented

February has a unique attribution as Spunky Old Broads Month. Ah, the Spunky Old Broads -- those wise, strong, active women we all know and love. At 64, my mother is very spunky (although she's a class act so I'm not sure the word "broad" applies). She's athletic and opinionated. Over the Christmas holiday, out mountain biking together amidst the splendor of Virginia's Allegheny mountains, she made it absolutely clear that I was never to place her in "a home". ...more

What services do working women need most?

I'm curious. What household and / or personal services do working women (mothers, single women, all of us women) need to make our lives a bit less time and resource constrained? I'd love feedback from the Blogher community. As I build to be a one stop shop for women to find, match and hire trusted and affordable help, I think of you all the time. Let me know how I can help. ...more