What We Snack On

I get asked pretty often what our meals and snacks look like these days so I thought this would be a fun post. Lately, I have been really trying to make an effort to keep healthier snack foods on hand (mainly for my own sake so I don’t binge on tortilla chips the second I get Grayson to sleep). A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ....more

Getting Active

If I had to summarize my early 20’s, I would say one big word: FITNESS. I was really into working out, ran all the races, did all the power yoga, loved spin classes, ate super duper clean all the time…yada yada yada. Looking back, I was in really great shape but I was also, like, twenty one ....more

Chickpea and Pasta Soup (Pasta e Ceci)

By the title, this soup might seem deceptively plain. Another chickpea soup recipe. Womp womp ....more

Green Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is next Tuesday and I wanted to give you guys some recipe options to celebrate! I’m not Irish, nor do I care for green beer, but I do love celebrating holidays with fun themed food ....more

What I’ve Read Lately

I have been the worst slacker ever in the book review department for the past year lately. The thing is, I have been reading…I just haven’t been the best about sharing! But it does seem like you guys enjoy when I write about books because I probably get more emails requesting book reviews than anything else on this site, if you can believe it ....more

Classic Strawberry Preserves

I think everyone knows on here by now just how obsessed with canning I am. Last year, it was my crazy desire to fill an entire pantry in our garage with homemade canned goods. I canned all the way up till the moment my water broke with Grayson and ALMOST filled the cupboard ....more


Yikes! I realize it’s been way too long since my last post and I apologize about that. We’ve had a couple of crazy weeks — the busiest weeks this little family has seen in a very long time, in fact ....more

Messy Motherhood, Chapter Two

I think I’ve cut back posting on motherhood because I didn’t really realize what a nerve it strikes in some. Like…I don’t feel like I should be judged for how I choose parent my child and I am certainly not looking for any unsolicited advice on how to do so. Also, I don’t judge any of you for the choices you make with your kids ....more

Weekend in Gualala

We spent last weekend in one of our favorite seaside towns, Gualala. Adam and I had been craving a beach weekend for some time now and we made a spur of the moment decision mid-last week to just pick up and go on Friday! No time like the present, right? ...more

Two-Bite Maple Cinnamon Scones

This morning I had the overwhelming urge to bake scones. Now, I haven’t baked since I don’t know when — the exact procedure of it all has been deterring me through teething, inconsistent naps and travel. I have been cooking though! ...more