Barre3 Challenge {Giveaway!}

You guys know by now how much I love barre3 online workouts! I completely credit them to helping me stay in shape during pregnancy and bounce back after. I haven’t gotten to go to a real live yoga class in forever, so right now barre is the only exercise {other than lugging my heavy baby around} that I’m doing right now ....more

Frosted Chocolate Chip Gingerbread Loaf

Gingerbread — real gingerbread — is my absolute favorite holiday treat. I’ve loved it since I was a kid, and I chalk that up to the fact that it’s a rather old fashioned type of treat. Like something they would have eaten on the prairie ....more

Grayson Allen: 6 Months

Wow, the months are just flying by, huh? I can’t believe a) that Grayson will be seven months old next week and b) Christmas is SO SOON. It feels like just yesterday we came home from the hospital with him! ...more

Make Your Own Baby Food: Chicken with Kabocha Squash and Broccoli

I’m back with a recipe! Only this time it’s for little people. Baby food has been the number one requested topic on here for quite some time ....more

Monkey & Mum Giveaway

Hi guys! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We have been visiting family in Texas and just got home ....more

Pesto, Parmesan and Corn Pizza

Uh. No one get mad because I completely forgot to share my last Green Giant recipe with you! Oops ....more

The Babywearing Post

I’ve been meaning to write this post forever so here goes! When it comes to “babywearing” (aka wearing your baby in a wrap, sling or carrier) there are SO MANY OPTIONS. And while I’m no babywearing expert, I have tried tons of different carriers in the past six months ....more


Hello! I apologize for being MIA over the past week but my mom has been in town and we’ve been soaking up every precious moment with grandma! Here’s a little “what’s happening lately” in our lives to tide you all over ....more

Halloween Weekend in Yosemite

We just got home from an absolutely amazing weekend in Yosemite! We’ve had this trip planned forever — Adam and I stayed at Evergreen a few years ago and had such a special time that we couldn’t wait to create family memories there with Grayson. Granted, it was a different sort of trip this time around with a baby but we had so much fun ....more

Keurig + Honest Tea Giveaway {Happy Halloween!}

Happy Halloween! Adam, Grayson and I are heading to Yosemite for the weekend, but before we go I wanted to post this giveaway for you guys! Now, y’all know how much I adore my coffee ....more