An Open Letter to the Woman Waiting For "That Guy" to Change

I've been sick this week. Coughing, not being able to sleep, congested, just not feeling good at all. It's been one of those weeks (like every other week) where I've needed the help of my husband for things, like dishes and laundry, taking care of our daughter, taking care of me. Much like any other time, my husband steps up without even having to be asked and does everything that needs "doing." He rubs my shoulders and fixes me dinner. He gets my medicine together....more
Thank you for this. 14 years and guess what NOTHING has changed. I get it now more than I ever have.more

How My Stepkids Taught Me To Be a Better Person

I remember it like it was yesterday: during the Christmas of my 28th year, I spent almost the entire two days of my holiday in tears. As 26, 27, and 28 had passed by me, with me still single, the thought of me spending Christmas alone, again, was just more than I could bare. I just kept asking, "God, why haven't you brought me a man yet?" Of course, I really did not want to be married per se, it was moreso the idea of being lonely and spending yet another holiday, alone. I decided that spring that this year would be different....more

Why Having Bad Credit Probably Saved My Financial Life

Look. I will be the first one to tell you -- as someone who is attempting to repair her very damaged credit -- that trying to fix credit is much harder than I ever thought possible. I had collections on my credit, for very small amounts, mind you, that I have been trying to remove for literally years. I am talking $100 for a library book, people. But my bad credit goes back all the way to the ripe old age of 19. ...more
@tattoomommie I am so glad to hear that!!!more

Bullying: The Double Edged Sword

As I watched last night's Oscars, and read this morning's posts about the Oscars (and the horrible tweet about that adorable little girl by The Onion) there is one thing that came to my mind. Bullying really never stops, even outside of school. I read an article the other day, talking about the new findings of a study regarding what bullying (both being the bully and being bullied) does to a person's pysche and it's lasting effects....more

Why I Am Considering The Never-Before-Would-I-Ever-Consider Plastic Surgery

Early in my adult life, I would see people have cosmetic surgery and think, "I am never doing that, ever!" There are parts of my face that I think could use a "redo," but when it comes down to it, these features are what God gave me, and unless they are doing me harm or causing me pain, they are what makes me look like me, so I've never had the desire to go "under the knife" to improve my looks. The one part of my body that I figured was going to challenge that thought process was my breasts. It has always been the topic of conversation among my friends - my large boobs....more
@FatCat  Thank you! I was actually watching Oprah last night and thought, this woman has all the ...more

Christmas For Everyone Else, Except Each Other? Why?

It's no secret that when you get married and start having a family, you sacrifice many things. Free time, your body, discretionary income. This Christmas will be the fourth my husband and I have celebrated together. The first year, we were engaged, planning a wedding and had his two kiddos to buy gifts for. Needless to say, we never even thought to get each other any gifts. Not even a small, homeade gift. This tradition seemed to continue, as we both found ourselves taking a pay cut over the next, we had another baby and money seemed to always be tight....more

Is the History Behind Christmas Really Jesus?

I was speaking with someone the other day regarding Christmas decorations. She expressed her disappointment in the inability to find any type of Nativity scene for her yard this year. She also told me that at school, her son was told, several times, to say "Happy Holidays!" and not "Merry Christmas!" As with most Christians, examples of people downplaying one of our most important days of the year with talk of "it's not about Jesus, it's about being with your family!" makes me upset....more

The 10 year old "Corrector"

I am a step-mother to two beautiful kids, a 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. It's not always been easy, this is for sure. I have always been able to relate more easily to girls, and so for this reason, I find it much easier to play with my 7 year old and 2 year old daughters than my son. He is really into guns and video games, things I am just not always interested in. However, I find myself lately having more trouble than usual. And I figured it step-son is a corrector. He has always been a very smart kid....more

Sleep and The Unruly Toddler

I was recently shopping for Christmas decorations and was faced with one of many experiences I've had in my life of an example of parenting that nearly broke my heart. Since I've had a child, I have switched my philosophies on discipline, especially in discplining while in public, quite a bit. Before I had a child, and I heard a child screaming uncontrollably in public places, my first thought was to go straight to corporal punishment....more