A Boy is Baptized

We've been preparing for this event for years. At eight years old, the age of accountability, children can choose to be baptized, the first step to return to their Heavenly Father one day. Conor and I have talked about this decision many times, discussing the promises he would be making and the blessings that would be available to him for choosing to follow the example of Jesus Christ ....more

Back to School Again

Another school year is upon us. The summer went by so quickly, I almost feel like it was a trick. A summer slight-of-hand ....more

Conor's Plants vs. Zombies Party

It's been zombies in my head for the last several weeks. I decided to let Conor have his first "friends" party for his birthday this year and he asked for a Plants vs. Zombies theme (which, if you don't know, is a wildly popular video game.)Once I started searching for ideas, I got a little crazy in the details ....more

Summer Catch-Up

I'm trying desperately to catch up on this blog! It's become a family record as well as a place for me to explore my thoughts, so I want to keep it current. It's also for my family's benefit, since all of them live so far away ....more

A Weekend of Beaches

As part of Lyndsay's 20th birthday celebration, I wanted to plan some activities that would get us out and having fun. One of the nurses I work with told me that she had taken her kids to Long Beach to kayak around Naples Island. That sounded like so much fun, so we decided to plan that for Friday ....more

Two Whole Decades

I can hardly believe that it was twenty years ago that this sweet girl was born. I've been a mother for two decades! It was fun to have her home for a few weeks from BYU so we could spend some time together ....more

A Piano Recital

I look at that photograph there and I feel two things:First, I feel incredibly blessed to have these fourteen people (and their parents!) trusting me to teach them. I look at each of their faces and I know their individual personalities, the songs they love to play, and what makes them timid at the piano. I know which ones love to play forte and which ones I can barely get to play above pianissimo ....more

The Harvest Has Begun!

When we pulled into the driveway after our long weekend in Arizona, the first thing I did was go to the garden. It felt like we'd been gone for weeks and things seemed to have really grown. The first thing I saw was this gigantic zucchini! ...more

Two More Graduations

These kids just keep growing up. The week after we got back from Arizona we had two more graduations on the same day. Little Aiden was graduating from 8th grade, and Caitlin was graduating from high school.At his request, I took Aiden out to the store the night before to find something to wear ....more

The Other Parts of our Trip

Adam and I are officially "back together." I need to write a post about that. It happened unexpectedly and only very recently, though even before that time I had invited him to come with us up to Arizona for Dylan's graduation. Aiden was not able to come because just days before we were leaving, our beloved kitty, Maestro got very, very sick ....more