Valentine's Day Heart Attack

Valentine's Day is my second favorite holiday (behind Christmas). I don't buy that it's a Hallmark scam. Of course we love every day, but I am in favor of a day especially devoted to love ....more

February Field Trip: Snow Tubing at Big Bear Snow Play

In an effort to get out and do more with the kids, for this month's field trip, we chose a trip up to the mountains to go snow tubing. Conor has long been begging for snow. I promised him snow this year, but unfortunately there hasn't been a lot here in California ....more

So Sure

It's a Monday morning. I was on call last night and was so sure I'd be called in, and yet wasn't. So ....more

January Field Trip: LACMA Samurai Exhibit and La Brea Tar Pits

One of my goals for this new year has been to get out and see and do more with the kids. There is so much available to us here in Los Angeles, but besides the factors of time and money, I struggle against an overwhelming desire to just stay home. I love to just be home, but I do want to take advantage of the opportunities around us, so I set a goal to have a "field trip" once a month with at least Conor (the other kids too, if they're here, which they're not right now.)A friend drew my attention to the Samurai exhibit currently on display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art ....more

Christmas Eve

I woke up early on Christmas Eve, the list of tasks for the day running through my mind. I love the holiday traditions we have established in our family, and I love that my children depend on them, but it is a lot of work to make holidays happen! I had to run to the grocery store to get last-minute additions to our day ....more

The Christmas Season: A Tree and Blessing Bags

We went back to artificial this year.I love the idea of a real tree. For the last six years, we've gone to get a real tree from Kathy's Tree Lot on the day after Thanksgiving. $80 a pop ....more

And Now He is 15

This little baby of mine. My sweet, squishy little Aiden has gone and turned 15. It's been a big year for him: starting high school and early-morning Seminary, making the football team and playing an undefeated season (even though he missed two weeks due to a concussion) ....more

Apple Turkeys, Pajamas, Two Turkeys, and Scrubs: The Best of Thanksgiving

Up until the week of Thanksgiving, I wasn't quite sure how I would pull the whole thing off. I was scheduled to work Tuesday night and Thursday night, and Aiden's birthday was Wednesday. This year it was only to be me and the boys for Turkey Day ....more

Counting Blessings

There is turmoil swirling all around me. It is difficult to feel peace amidst so many competing emotions. Just when I think it's there ....more

Breaking Point

Are there little signs in life?A few weeks ago, I was down in the kitchen when I heard a tremendous crash. Conor was upstairs, and I thought maybe he'd fallen off of something, but I held my breath for a moment and never heard crying. Then he appeared in the kitchen and said, "What was that noise?" Oh ....more