Our 2016 Holiday Card!

I love designing Christmas cards every year. It’s one of my favorite parts of preparing for the holidays. It used to require a lot more work, but thanks to technology, designing a beautiful holiday card is one of the easiest parts of Christmas! ...more

Eight Is Great

Dear LittleBrother, You’re eight. You. You’re eight ....more

Just Run.

It’s been over a month since the Columbus Marathon. I haven’t written about running since the race, but I have run. I just needed some space from thinking about running in every aspect of my life, I guess ....more

Write All the Things

I’ve read a bunch of tips about writing lately. #1 is always, “Stop reading tips about writing and just write.” Well, stop writing tips about writing, and maybe I will. #2 reiterates #1: Just write ....more

Birthday Joy

This is how I think everyone should look on their birthday, no matter their age: Filled with joy. Joy for celebrating another year; one lived, one wide open. Joy in being loved by family and friends; joy in loving others ....more

Friday Four

Because sometimes five is just too many on a Friday. Four Photos I Didn’t Post Elsewhere This Week Clockwise from top left: Walking with my daughter; sometimes Callie makes the cutest happy face; running this week has been good for my anxiety; this is how you take a birthday to the fire department so your son can open his presents and have cake with his daddy while he’s working. Four Things I Read That Made Me Think/Feel/Laugh/Etc 1 ....more

It Doesn’t Affect You in Any Way

My husband grumps around the Internet right now. He grumps around the neighborhood, the stores, the radio, the television. He grumps around, non-shouting things about “honoring the turkey” and “Thanksgiving comes first!” I just roll my eyes at him ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Three Year Age Gap. Again.

The picture says it all. One brother feels pretty darn smug that for the next six days he looks as though he’s three years older than his brother. You see, BigBrother turned ten yesterday ....more

And You Are Ten

Dear BigBrother, Ten. You have ten fingers, so when you hold up your age now, it looks like you’re giving us jazz hands. And that’s really the best way to describe you in the here and now: You are jazzed about everything ....more

The (Most Glorious) Time Everyone Lied to Me

“That girl looked like my daughter.” I looked down, though I don’t remember at what exactly. Did I look at the dinner specials on the menu? Portabella steak ....more