The 10x10 Presentations at BlogHer '14: 13 Videos You Don't Want to Miss

The 10x10 presentations made by long-standing community members rank as one of the highlights of BlogHer '14 in San Jose. These intelligent, witty, entrepreneurial, big-hearted, thick-skinned, been-there-lived-through-it-have-the-blog-to-show-for-it people took to the stage and shared the truth of their journey over the past ten years. We, the attendees, learned a lot and came away inspired by what our written word on the web can do. Make sure to watch each video as each speaker brings something important to the stage, to the table, to your listening ear....more

My Voices of the Year Video: The Bridge That Is Any Bridge

I’ve been reluctant to share the video here and elsewhere for various reasons. There’s that thing where you’re looking down and reading something and you end up with approximately eleven chins even though you don’t have eleven chins. You know this on a logical basis; you know this on an “it doesn’t matter how many chins I have” basis ....more

Buying Hair at the Airport and Other Stories: Jenny Lawson's Keynote Interview at BlogHer '14

Jenny Lawson, the blogger and author behind The Bloggess, kicked off BlogHer '14 with a funny, witty, snort-laugh inducing, and real Keynote interview with BlogHer Co-Founder Jory Des Jardins. If you're unfamiliar with Jenny's story, it's really one that we love here at BlogHer. Maybe you've read her book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened. Did you know she met her agent because of BlogHer? Yup. It's the stuff blogger-writer dreams are made of, really....more
Gosh- I have ALWAYS wanted to learn more about Jenny and her blog...  now I see why she is so ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Back to School

Oh, these two. They spent nearly every single day together during our summer break. Sometimes one got to go to the store while one stayed with the other parent ....more

It's (Not) a Scandal: Watch Demetria Lucas Interview Kerry Washington

Demetria Lucas, A Belle in Brooklyn, took to the main stage at BlogHer '14 and interviewed Kerry Washington, Emmy-nominated actress, activist, and mom. These two women brought down the house. Their stellar personalities played so well off one another on stage, asking and answering the questions fans wanted to know....more
It doesn't happen often when the interviewer and the person being interviewed are having a real ...more

First and Third Grade, Here We Go!

Despite the fact that summer-like temperatures are finally rolling into our area, our summer ended today. The boys went back to school, starting first and third grades. First and third grades ....more

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: It’s a Family Thing

The Columbus Marathon is in 62 days, or 2 months and 1 day from today. I have 9 weeks left to train for the Columbus Half Marathon as I just finished my seventh week of training. This week the boys joined the Columbus Marathon weekend FUN when I registered them for the Highlights Kids Run ....more

Sunday Links: August 17, 2014

I started out on Monday with full intent to share all of the amazing posts I read on the web in a weekly round up post, like I used to do regularly. And then this week happened, and everyone wrote all of the amazing things. All of the deeply important things ....more

The Ups and Downs

I got my first bike when I turned five. Purple, a rainbow on the seat, and rainbow colored streamers; it was the bike dreams were made of. I still remember the absolute glee I felt upon receiving that gift for my fifth birthday ....more

I’m Always Gonna Have an Opinion

In 2006, when an article about our family ran on MSNBC thus exposing us to the national news, one male blogger accused me of being a racist. He pointed out that I was a white woman with a white husband and another white baby who gave her black baby to a white woman with another white baby. He said some pretty derogatory things, none of which were based in truth; none of which covered the full story ....more