Training for the Columbus Marathon: August Mileage + Safely Finishing 16 Miles

Training for the Columbus Marathon during August is, well, first off done. And secondly, whoa, that was a hot month of training. See? ...more

The Tooth Fairy Is a (Busy) Slacker

Both boys sat in front of me at the breakfast bar this morning. I asked them normal questions about their night—“Did you sleep well? Did you dream? ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Homework Returns

Homework Returns So it’s back. Homework. I mean, I knew it would come back around, but I just wasn’t ready ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Insomnia Woes

Insomnia While Marathon Training You guys. I just want to sleep. I cannot ....more

Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here Pondering Life’s Biggest Question at 2:45am There’s something about 2:45 in the morning that really makes you think. Like, “Why am I awake? What was that noise? ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: When It’s Hard to Be a Brother (or a Parent)

Sometimes they even fight over the dog, you guys. I’ve written my internal angst regarding the end of summer break. It’s true: I like having unfettered access to my kids ....more

It’s the First Day of School. Again.

Apparently it’s the first day of school. I know this because I set my alarm for 6:30 just so I could get up, make the coffee, and get a few things done before the boys rolled out of bed. When it went off, I had absolutely no idea what was going on, where I was, or why on Earth I needed to wake up ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Nine Weeks Down, Nine Weeks to Go

I just finished week nine of training for the Columbus Marathon. A day late, too, as we encountered some scheduling challenges this past weekend. The good news is that I finished nine weeks of training ....more

I Love Your Kids' Back-to-School Photos. Keep Posting Them.

For the love of chubby cheeks, mis-matched clothing, teenage hairstyles, smiles and grimaces alike, please keep posting your kids' back-to-school photos. I love them. I "like" all of them I happen to see, much like I try to like every single selfie I see in my feed or on Instagram. Sometimes I comment. "Oh my! Look how she's grown! "Uh, how is your kid a senior already? Didn't I just change his diaper?" "Tell her it will be okay. Give her a hug for me. ...more

Summer Poem: Spotted

Spotted Orange petal, spotted just so reaching to morning sun. Flutter of wind catches the eye; pollen blows by, dropping questions on your shoe. You pause, pondering uncertainties, beauty, the intersection, your shoe ....more