Where’s the Family Planning with EngenderHealth (+Giveaway)

I’m passionate about a number of things. Good coffee, bed times, running, mental health, and women having the information and care they need when it comes to their own bodies. The latter of those comes from my first pregnancy, an unplanned pregnancy that ended up endangering both my life and the life of my unborn child ....more

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: 12! TWELVE!

The Columbus Marathon is in 26 days (OMG). I have four weeks left to train for the half marathon (OMG) as I just finished my 12th week of training. Uhm ....more

Sunday Links: September 21, 2014

I missed last week because I took my dad to the Pittsburgh Pirates game for his birthday. It was awesome. So I have some posts to share from the past two weeks that I loved reading and want to share with you ....more

The End of Summer Brings Pretty Little Things

I find it hard to let go of summer. Even still, as we’ve been in school for over a month. Even now, as the calendar informs me it’s still summer until Tuesday ....more

Not the Friday Evening I Expected

You know the kind of day week. The one where nothing goes the way you want it to go. From work projects to runs to scheduling to meals that flop to kids that whine to a dog that pesters the ever-loving snot out of you to the fact that you really haven’t seen your husband at all this week to gas leaks to mean kids to Open House at the school where you learn all of the OMGWTFBBQ about standardized testing thrust upon third graders who are just eight years old to laundry that just won’t flipping wash itself to sheer exhaustion ....more

Can iOS 8 Help Save Your Life? With Medical ID, Yes It Can!

Every time Apple releases a new iOS, I find something to geek out on a little bit. One time I fawned over the DND function. This time I am surprising even myself and not marking the new and native camera timer as my #1 feature for iOS 8. Nope. That title belongs to the Medical ID functionality found within Apple's new Health App dashboard. If you run, walk, bike, travel, drive, sit on the couch all day playing Frozen Free Fall, or walk to your mailbox with your phone, this could help save your life in an accident. ...more
Love this, thanks for sharing. Now to see if it's on my Ipod that I run with... since I don't ...more

Rhymes with Duck, Not Goose

I’ve been sitting on this story for awhile, mainly because I can’t believe it happened. If anyone dropped the F-Bomb in front of our sons, I figured it would either be my husband, his grandfather, my dad, or someone that most certainly was not me. I was wrong ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Pirates

So. We’ve been meaning to do this—take the boys to a Pittsburgh Pirates game—for, uh, years. For the first few years, it came down to knowing them as human being and not wanting to inflict that pain on ourselves on others ....more

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: 11! ELEVEN!

The Columbus Half Marathon is in 34 days (OMG), or 1 days and 4 days (OMG). I have five weeks left to train (OMG) as I just finished my 11th week of training (OMG). OMG! ...more

Five Things Friday with Bonus 90s Photo!

My friend Missie over at The Wheezy Runner tagged me in a meme to share some random facts about myself. Sure, why not. I feel like a lot of people know these things individually about me, but maybe not all five things at once ....more