Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: 11! ELEVEN!

The Columbus Half Marathon is in 34 days (OMG), or 1 days and 4 days (OMG). I have five weeks left to train (OMG) as I just finished my 11th week of training (OMG). OMG! ...more

Five Things Friday with Bonus 90s Photo!

My friend Missie over at The Wheezy Runner tagged me in a meme to share some random facts about myself. Sure, why not. I feel like a lot of people know these things individually about me, but maybe not all five things at once ....more

Never Just Another Day

Today the boys went to school. I worked a full day. I ran an errand and bought shiny things at the grocery store ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with Football

Football season is back. And by football season, I refer not to the NFL or college or even high school football. I don’t actually even mean Pee-Wee or whatever we call little kid league football, because nope ....more

I Like Flowers

This post is sponsored by The Bouqs. When my husband works a 36-hour shift (or longer), I buy myself flowers. It’s just what I do ....more

Training for the Columbus Half Marathon: The Wall AND a New Race

The Columbus Marathon is in 41 days, or 1 month and 11 days from today. I have 6 weeks left to train for the half marathon, having just finished my 10th week of training. I hit The Wall on Saturday ....more

Ray Rice Cut from Ravens, Penn State Sneaks in News: Why Do Our Football Teams Feel Invincible?

Today the Baltimore Ravens announced the termination of Ray Rice's contract and the NFL suspended him "indefinitely." Why? Video of the February 15th third degree assault against his now-wife was leaked and shared on TMZ. ...more
Well said!  All of it!more

Sunday Links: September 7, 2014

I fell a little behind in reading the words written all over the blogosphere this week. Between work and soccer practices, meals that I’m apparently supposed to feel burdened to make, owning a dog who apparently needs attention, a ten miler on a hot-hot-hot day, and, you know, sleeping, I didn’t quite get to click around Facebook, Twitter, and the Internet at large. But I did read my feeds (and I did do my work) ....more

Not Ready

These days pass quickly now. The ones with the sunshine and blue sky, the white puffy clouds floating by as I take a moment to sit on the deck with a book and some new tunes, a glass of iced tea, and a faithful dog sitting under the table to catch a spot of shade. The ones with the humidity and heat that smack you in the face as you exit the restaurant with your friends; the hot breath of summer slapping your cheeks and thighs as you make your way without coats or hats or gloves or mittens to the market to buy fresh fruits and Amish butter that will melt in your car if you don’t take the bag inside right away ....more

Pop Goes the Memory

I was young, maybe four- or five-years-old when my Papau first walked me over to the weeds growing along the creek bed in late summer. Little yellow flowers grew from the leafy green area in the shade, but we weren’t on a mission to sniff the flowers. “These here are poppers, Wren.” He pointed one of his big, thick fingers at the small, green, pickle-shaped thing hanging underneath the leaves ....more