52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Yearly Family Photos

I meant to take our annual family portraits, including pictures of the boys individually and together, earlier in the month. But earlier in the month ran away with the rain, wind, and general fall malaise. And then any time the sun decided to shine in the evening, someone was at work or traveling or at practice or grounded for life, and no one wants to look at a picture hanging on the wall when one of the kids was currently grounded for life ....more

Bread and Butter

I remember walking, holding hands with Papau, my paternal grandfather. We came to a pole, split hands, and he yelled, “Bread and butter!” Then he took my hand again, a smile on his face. He did this with me through my entire life, as did my Grandmother ....more

Training for the EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler: Take It Easy Week

The EQT Pittsburgh 10 Miler is in one week and six days. Oh dear. Training for a race right after a race feels a bit confusing ....more

The Infinite Sadness of Halloween: When Kids Choose Their Own Costumes

I'm feeling like maybe I've done all of this parenting stuff wrong. Maybe every choice I've made, every time I've encouraged our two sons to embrace their individuality, brought me to this point of infinite sadness. I fear there's no going back, there's no hope for change or a bright future. Nope. I've ruined everything. ...more
I remember when my third baby made his own choice, I was so sad!! It all goes by way too fast, ...more

Sunday Links: October 26, 2014

Since I ran the Columbus Half Marathon last Sunday, I didn’t share the things I read last week. This week you get a double dose of awesome. Good times! ...more

Family Picture Outtakes, 2014

I took our family pictures this evening. As always, the outtakes are really my favorite. I’m pleased with the real photos, too ....more

We Always Go

Tomorrow morning we could sleep in. We could lounge about in pajamas, eat a leisurely breakfast, and chillax like the cool kids we are. There’s no school tomorrow ....more

An Evening with BlogHer: Building Your Blog for Business in 2015

Are you looking to build your blog for business in 2015? Then you can't miss this great Meetup we're announcing that will take place on November 6, 2014 from 6-9 PM. A preview of what we'll be covering at BlogHer PRO '14 the following month on December 3 & 4 (register now!), the meetup will help you get started on a great 2015. ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Race Medals

I’ve already showed you racing photos and talked about how proud I was of these two little guys for running their first ever race. I’ve told you how LittleBrother wants to run it again. I didn’t get to tell you yet how he had me hang his medal up with his soccer and baseball medals, how he asked me to find a way to hang his race bib up on his wall ....more

Get Organized for BlogHer PRO '14 With Our Great Mobile App!

BlogHer PRO '14 is right around the corner. (Not registered yet? Do so now!) Now you can get organized and prepared for the conference with the BlogHer PRO '14 mobile app. In it you'll find a full schedule, speaker bios, social news feed, and photos as we add them. You can upload and share your photos from the event too, ...more