I Want My Daughter to Like Me

We leave for a visit tomorrow. Nothing is packed, the laundry isn’t quite finished, and my anxiety sits somewhere above the moon—higher than high and not descending any time soon. It’s this way every time ....more

I Hear Them Growing

Sometimes I think I hear them growing. I put them to bed at night. I tuck them in, pull the blankets up to their chins and cover their heads with kisses ....more

Life Lessons

“Is this a life lesson?” As we backed out of the snowy driveway, I muffled a laugh. So many things we say to our children are life lessons. Some seem more obvious than others ....more

Growing Up

I updated some picture frames today. During the post-holiday sales, I grabbed some 8x10s from my favorite photo printing company. I needed to update the boys’ photo frames as well as our photo on the family wall ....more

When It’s Just the Three of Us

I’m not always on top of my parenting game when it’s just the three of us. During a particularly dark bout with depression, I dreaded my husband’s 24 hour shifts at the fire department. In addition to fearing the normal things (like giant fires and impending doom), my anxiety spun off on worst case scenarios about the house, the boys, the dog, the world ....more


I spent the first half of today wearing the top half of yesterday’s outfit. To boot, when I eventually changed today, I kept on the same scarf which I marks day four wearing said scarf. I kinda want to hibernate ....more

On Tweens, Teens, Adoption, and Parent Blogging

“I’d tell you more, but it’s not my story to tell.” I’ve said this statement myself. I’ve watched writerly parents use this line time and time again, from personal blogs to articles in big publications to memoirs and other non-fiction books. When it comes to parent blogging, parents usually hit a point when they realize that what they write may (read: will) be viewed not just by people they don’t know but by parents of their child’s friends and, the kicker, their child and their child’s friends ....more


I’m not a tactile person. I don’t touch people a lot, and I certainly don’t like to be touched a lot by other people. While I do and will hug people I care for, I otherwise possess a personal bubble I would greatly prefer if people would respect ....more

Dear 2016: More Me

Dear 2016, Hi! It’s nice to meet you! I’m excited you’re here! ...more

A Long Journey

We dressed in all our Christmas Eve finery—blues, blacks, and hints of gold this year—and headed out to church with no coats. The warm weather felt confusing and wonderful in the same breath. As we waited for the service to begin, BigBrother and my husband quoted lines from Elf to one another ....more