Easy St. Patrick’s Day Countdown Banner

I meant to shell out the extra money and order an adorable countdown banner or bunting from Etsy for St. Patrick’s Day this year. I remembered my plan on the 24th of February, which didn’t seem like enough time to place a special order ....more

How to Write About the News Responsibly

You've been moved by Ferguson, Newtown, or a local news story. You want to write about it in a way that educates readers, makes them think about it from a new perspective, calls them to action—or all of the above. By following the tips below, you'll be able to cover news stories and current events in a way that avoids misleading your readers and helps your story stand out. ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One Where I Caught Them Liking Each Other

Between paragraphs of Harry Potter last night, I looked over at the boys. They snuggled up and under my elbow, listening in near silence. Near silence, of course, because genetics ....more

Reading with Kids Who Read on Their Own

Sometime around late fall, I realized I hadn’t read a book aloud to the boys in a hot minute. Lots of reading still took place daily in the house, but no one brought me a book and asked, “Will you read this to me?” Neither had I pulled one off the shelf and asked the boys to sit with me to listen to a story. The realization sat poorly with me, especially as I read the articles (and book) about the dad who read to his daughter for nine years straight ....more

Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: On “Just” Running the Half Marathon

I’ve been struggling with a feeling I don’t normally struggle with much: Jealousy. I felt the beginnings of it in the fall when I ran the Columbus Half Marathon. It never fully developed as I focused on helping my husband train for his first half ....more

Second Month Goal Check-In

March is here! It’s time to look back at my 2015 goals and see how I’m plodding along. 1. Submit Once Per Month I did ....more

She’s Not Very Scary

When I looked back at the pictures I took of our fun in the snow last week, I finally understood why people feel afraid of Callie. I mean, yeah. Those teeth look pretty vicious ....more

February Stitch Fix: Nailed It

I’ve been receiving my Stitch Fixes regularly, but not blogging them regularly. Sometimes I even photograph them but then refuse to post them because “my face looks chunky in that photo” or “I couldn’t get the shirt to lay properly and it makes me look lumpy.” Body issues are stupid. So freaking stupid ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Last Snow

The heavy snow on Saturday made for perfect playtime for the brothers. And the dog, apparently, who went absolutely giddy with dog-glee. The boys headed outside first ....more

Training for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon: I’m an Official #GameOnPGH Blogger!

I am thrilled to announce that I am an Official Blogger for the Pittsburgh Marathon again this year. Here’s me, having just finished the full marathon in 2014, with fellow blogger, Melissa Marks. I enjoyed sharing my marathon training experiences last year ....more