The Tooth Fairy Is a (Busy) Slacker

Both boys sat in front of me at the breakfast bar this morning. I asked them normal questions about their night—“Did you sleep well? Did you dream? ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: Homework Returns

Homework Returns So it’s back. Homework. I mean, I knew it would come back around, but I just wasn’t ready ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Insomnia Woes

Insomnia While Marathon Training You guys. I just want to sleep. I cannot ....more

Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here Pondering Life’s Biggest Question at 2:45am There’s something about 2:45 in the morning that really makes you think. Like, “Why am I awake? What was that noise? ...more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: When It’s Hard to Be a Brother (or a Parent)

Sometimes they even fight over the dog, you guys. I’ve written my internal angst regarding the end of summer break. It’s true: I like having unfettered access to my kids ....more

It’s the First Day of School. Again.

Apparently it’s the first day of school. I know this because I set my alarm for 6:30 just so I could get up, make the coffee, and get a few things done before the boys rolled out of bed. When it went off, I had absolutely no idea what was going on, where I was, or why on Earth I needed to wake up ....more

Training for the Columbus Marathon: Nine Weeks Down, Nine Weeks to Go

I just finished week nine of training for the Columbus Marathon. A day late, too, as we encountered some scheduling challenges this past weekend. The good news is that I finished nine weeks of training ....more

I Love Your Kids' Back-to-School Photos. Keep Posting Them.

For the love of chubby cheeks, mis-matched clothing, teenage hairstyles, smiles and grimaces alike, please keep posting your kids' back-to-school photos. I love them. I "like" all of them I happen to see, much like I try to like every single selfie I see in my feed or on Instagram. Sometimes I comment. "Oh my! Look how she's grown! "Uh, how is your kid a senior already? Didn't I just change his diaper?" "Tell her it will be okay. Give her a hug for me. ...more

Summer Poem: Spotted

Spotted Orange petal, spotted just so reaching to morning sun. Flutter of wind catches the eye; pollen blows by, dropping questions on your shoe. You pause, pondering uncertainties, beauty, the intersection, your shoe ....more

The Last Weekend of Summer

How did we get here? Where did the time go? How is it already the last weekend of summer? ...more