52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the Three-Year Gap

For exactly one week, they look like they’re three years apart. On paper. The birth certificate variety ....more

11 Unique Frozen Gift Ideas for All Ages

You probably accompanied a little Elsa while trick-or-treating. Or maybe the only song you've heard in the past year is "Let It Go." Or maybe you great people with your name and then say, "And I like warm hugs." Whatever the case and whomever the Frozen lover on your gift list, this guide contains unique items sure to surprise and melt hearts. Let's forego the big box stores and see what our independent, craftsy, awesome sellers have to offer our ice queen lovers....more
Thank you so much for featuring my shop (Amy's Custom Crochet LLC)!  I'm very flattered and all ...more

On Cake

When BigBrother was about to turn one, eight years ago, I asked a question in an online parenting group. You see, I felt strongly about my firstborn son not eating certain things. Boxed cake ranked high for all kinds of reasons at the time, none of which contained any buzzwords like high fructose corn syrup or gluten or any such thing just yet ....more

You Are Nine, and You Are You

BigBrother, Today you are nine. I have known you for nine years, longer if you count the time during which you rolled and kicked within my belly. I have watched you grow, daily, for one year shy of a decade ....more

Sunday Links: November 16, 2014

Lots to share this week. A combination between #NaBloPoMo and people writing and sharing great things, my list of great reads is a bit long, but worth it. Please read and enjoy ....more

All He Wants for Christmas Is His…

…teeth, in general. In fact, that other top front tooth is wiggly. (Gag.) So maybe it isn’t that he wants his teeth for Christmas, but instead, he wants to lose his teeth for Christmas ....more

The Things You Learn in the Principal’s Office

We sat side by side this morning, waiting to see the principal. My mind drifted from thought to thought. I thought about work ....more


“I promise things will be back to normal soon.” “What do you mean? What’s not normal?” In the dark of the car on the drive home with food to eat that I did not make, I looked out the window at our small city glittering down below and exhaled. Things around these parts have been out of sorts this week ....more

52 Weeks of Brotherhood: The One with the School Pictures

Lifetouch. I swear. I hate school pictures ....more

While reading the

While reading the book Patience: The Art of Peaceful Living today, an early line caught me, made me think. “Just about every mistake I have ever made and every unkind word I have ever spoken might have been avoided if I had been more patient.” I struggle with patience, mostly with myself. I am, of current, vastly aware this needs to change ....more