Chicken Étouffée à la Dad

Once upon a time, we were in Wisconsin at my parents’ house. In Wisconsin, the days are book-ended...more

Thay’s Secret Spaghetti Sauce

As far as spaghetti goes, I like it fine. But I don’t have that much more to say about it it’s just ....more

Heaven on a Plate Arugula Salad

My sister Erica just moved to Chicago in early June–the day before Ben was born, to be exact! Since I’m on maternity leave and my days are free and clear, we’ve been hanging out all the time. I zip up … Continue reading → ...more

Hey Mama teas (for preggos!)

So I get emails every other day from people wanting me to review products or talk about their websites on my blog. I ignore many of them (not trying to be rude–I just ain’t got the time right now), but … Continue reading → ...more

Epidural = spa-like birth experience

This picture was taken the evening of June 2nd, three days before I (miracles of miracles) went into labor by myself, one day before my due date. When I look at this picture, the thing that comes back to me … Continue reading → ...more

Just as I Am

Driving to work this morning, husband and toddler at home, window rolled down to enjoy these first warm days of spring and the blue sky filling the windshield, I was transported back to a moment. A moment with my sister … Continue reading → ...more

Thursdays: my day

Ever since after my ectopic pregnancy last summer, my husband started staying home with Alice once a week. Prior to that, I had been taking her to work every day, and I had reached a breaking point–it was too hard. … Continue reading → ...more

The pregnancy journey . . . boy versus girl, or #2 versus #1?

This pregnancy has been so different from my pregnancy with Alice. I’ve been wondering how much of that is my slightly different lifestyle (less walking and more driving, less–read “no”–yoga classes, more Kraft macaroni and cheese), how much is because … Continue reading → ...more

Is it a 30′s thing?

I feel like my 20′s were a time of exploration, possibilities, adventure. Making a choice wasn’t going to be ‘forever,’ and there was just a feeling of looseness about everything. We tried to make some money, have some fun, and … Continue reading → ...more

Writing and making babies

Dear readers, wow. I’ve been MIA for way too long. To fill you in on why ....more