I love being a newbie knitter

My mother-in-law and I learned to knit together about 15 years ago; she had just had a brain ...more

Love actually is...

Valentine’s Day is a “holiday” that I don’t have strong feelings for either way — it’s nice if acknowledged when I have a significant other, and if I’m single, I don’t really spend time thinking about it.But love…that’s another story. Although I will happily accept (and send) cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts as an expression of affection, I’m much more about those displays, and more, being spread throughout the year....more

4 Ways to Hone in on Your Soul Mission

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were guests at a spa resort at in the Arizona desert called Miraval, known for its focus on mindful living....more

In 2014, I won't...

debtherapy Thank you so much, Deb! I appreciate you reading. Happy New Year!more

Happy birthday, Jane Austen

Do we really know our friends?

After spending several months now with only my parents and dogs as company, I’ve done a lot of thinking about friendships. I left behind many close friends and many more acquaintances in DC, and have yet to make new friends here in California, although I’m highly anticipating meeting people as soon as I make my next move....more