Dreaming Big

Me: what do you want to be when you grow up?Olivia, on her first day of Pre-K: ...more

Nutrisystem Week 14: Weight Loss Problems

I'm currently going back in time one month to tell you about this week of Nutrisystem.  The self inflicted busy is just out of control, I swear!  And I am tired of my own excuses for not blogging.  So hello!  I'm in the middle of a lifestyle change, how are you?!  When I started Nutrisystem in February, I felt so horribly bad about myself.  I had 20+ pounds to lose, no energy to exercise, and ...more

Nutrisystem Week 13: Less Chubby, More Sweaty

Week 13 of Nutrisystem was fabulous as always.  My only actual complaint is that I had to go shopping and buy a bunch of new cute clothes to wear to work because all the stuff I've been wearing is too big.  Woe, etc. Lots of confessions this week.  I didn't drink enough water or eat enough vegetables.  I ate out.  Twice.  I even had a beer.  I exercised like crazy though and I think it made up ...more

Nutrisystem Week 12: (my) Behind (is smaller-ish)

My week 12 of Nutrisystem actually ended on April 26 and I am so far behind that I am now fondly looking back on the week and telling you about it.  Thankfully I keep good notes in the same place where I track my foods so I'm good to go.  I'm not sure why I'm so behind with things, but everything is good and I'm catching up now.  So.  It was the end of Nutrisystem week 12 and And AND the end of ...more

Nutrisystem Week 11: Nut butter. Heh.

Almost at the end of three months of Nutrisystem!  I can't think of new ways to say how much I love Nutrisystem.  It has been the perfect way for me to change my bad habits and actually start losing weight and paying attention to what I am eating. My Progress So Far: Week 1: -2.4 Week 2: -3.8 Week 3: -1 Week 4: -1.8 Month 1 Total: 9 pounds lost! Week 5: -.4 Week 6: -2.2 Week 7: -1.4 Week ...more

Nutrisystem Week 10: Flex!

OH MY GOSH.  The busy just swallowed me up this week and then spit me out.  Just now.  I'm a big slimy spit ball rolling over to my laptop to type this entry an entire week late.  It is shameful. All of the free time I was using to type freaking cover letters and perfect my resume?  Well, it turns out those soul-sucking tasks finally paid off.  Yesterday, I accepted an offer for a full-time ...more

Nutrisystem Week 9: This is my life.

Week 9 of Nutrisystem was just as great as the previous 8.  While my weekly losses seem to be slowing a bit, I am noticing big changes in my body from all of the exercise I am getting.  And I'd rather be fit than skinny so I am alright with that! My Progress So Far: Week 1: -2.4 Week 2: -3.8 Week 3: -1 Week 4: -1.8 Month 1 Total: 9 pounds lost! Week 5: -.4 Week 6: -2.2 Week ...more

Nutrisystem Week 8: Being Nice to Myself

I am half way done with my 16 week Nutrisystem program!  I can't believe it has been two months since I started.  It is working so well for me and I am so excited for these next two months.  I have a real shot of getting beyond my goal.  Which seemed quite impossible just a few months ago. Since this is my halfway point, I took a picture to get a look at my progress.  When I initially snapped ...more

This is why I have no time to write blogs.

I took the dogs out for, oh, two minutes? Three, tops. Olivia is at my mom's and I'm home alone with Adelle "destructicon" Knepper. Oh well. I can maybe blog again in like 17 years...at least she is really cute! ...more

Nutrisystem Week 7: Real Pictures of Food

I had another ridiculously fantastic week on Nutrisystem.  I'm down another 1.4 pounds this week, and my workouts have been kicking ass.  Next week is my halfway point and I'm thinking about posting some beginning and midpoint pictures of myself.  Maybe.  We will see if I am brave enough! My Progress So Far: Week 1: -2.4 Week 2: -3.8 Week 3: -1 Week 4: -1.8 Month 1 Total: 9 pounds lost! Week 5: ...more