Where does it all come from?

We've really taken to calling baby girl, "Button." After all, she is as cute as a button! And this little button has been busy! She has been charming everyone at the hospital. Not just her Mom-Mom, but other patients, the staff, and other visitors. It's pretty tough being a cute button! You are always on stage! :) But my little button, she knows how to work the crowd! Just put on a tutu and an adorable onesie, and you are good to go. So what does the Button do when she is not performing? She poops. In the car seat....more

Why Moms Are THE Coolest

I think if you could major in "Arts and Crafts" in college, that would have been my choice.  I know, I know, I should have become a Home Economics teacher or something, but I'm not that smart!  Plus, unfortunately, in today's economy, those positions are among the first to be cut.  But oh how I love arts and crafts....more

Words from Worry-Land and 2 Month Shots

This past Wednesday, we had to take our baby girl to get her 2 month vaccination shots.  It was awful.  She had to get two this time (plus the one they drink but she loved that one).  She screamed her little head off, but again like her first month shots, she recovered nicely in the office, her cries were quickly soothed....more
@DesiValentine4 Isn't it funny how kids are so different? My mom always said that and she had ...more

The Comfort Size

Size is everywhere.  Super size your meal for a twenty-nine cents at McDonald's.  Extra large and jumbo eggs in the grocery store (I never know the difference there).   We love to classify everything into a particular size.  Small, medium, and large are our neat containers, we pack everything in life into those three boxes.  Nothing can simply be.  Nothing is without classification.  ...more
@sassymonkey It really does make the difference! Do you go to Intimacy or another store? I hear ...more

Teachers Have Favorites. Do Kids?

Teachers have favorites.  We all know they do.  And to all the teachers' pets out there...you know who you are!  It's a simple fact of life.  Humans have preferences.  I know that I get along with some people better than others.  It's hard to work on getting along with someone when it is just that, work.  But to be a part of this society requires this from us.  ...more

The Term "Sex Kitten" Takes New Meaning Today

Good Morning America...you scare me.  Quite frankly, in a very good way. You keep me on my toes.  Well, not really because I'm always on my couch watching your program.  Typically, I'm on my second cup of coffee (OK fine...my fifth cup of coffee...but it's decaf so everyone relax!), when your program comes on my television and into my living room to both frighten and teach me.  My baby girl is typically napping in her swing.  You always seem to have at least one story that makes me choke on my coffee....more

Catty Girls Become Catty Women

In every high school, there was an "in" crowd, roaming the halls, casting snide looks, dishing out even snottier comments, essentially causing terror for all.  Oh yeah and they occasionally attended classes.  Of course I did not escape these girls, I am the rule, not the exception.  I was your average, in no crowd, type of girl.  Your basic easy prey.  I remember standing in front of my closet for hours wondering how on earth I would come up with a "cool" ensemble suitable for 7:30am the following morning....more
I've had a run in or two with one of those ladies you speak of and I always remind myself that ...more

The Lies We Tell Our Children (and Ourselves)

Today I was running into Walmart to pick up some photos of what else, baby girl, when I heard a mom hurrying her children out of the store. "Aw, the machine is broken," she told her children. I looked at her and smiled. She gave me a knowing smile back... the toy machine was not in fact broken (of course). I wondered how many dollars the poor woman had spent over the years trying to get that damned claw to grasp (and hold onto) the cheap stuffed animals waiting below; probably too many dollars. It made me think of the lies we tell our children. And the lies we tell each other and ourselves. ...more
I would have to agree that as parents we do tell our children lies to protect them from the ...more

Thank You Bloggers - You Taught Me How to Bake Better, Exercise Enthusiastically, and Parent with Pride!

Today I decided it was time (and overdue quite frankly) to say thank you!  The blogging world has truly changed my life.  Thanks to YOUR blogs...I am able to do many things better!  (And try things I never thought I could!)I blog. After months and months of reading blogs, I finally found the courage (and the topic) to blog myself.  I love writing, and knowing that my blog could make someone smile, really makes my day....more

The FEAR in decision making and VACCINES

Today I have been worrying about vaccines.  I know I have to vaccinate my daughter (no school or doctor will take her if I don't).  But it makes me so nervous for so many reasons.  1) I hate the thought of her being in pain, even for the second it takes to administer the shot.2) I hate the thought of vaccines causing other things, like autism, even though the research doesn't support that it does....more
You are a great Mommy Jennie- I am glad your friend gave you that advice!